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  1. James Russell - that's it - thanks. Dragging the sort function to the column to be sorted was the part that I had missed.
  2. There may be other ways to do this, but for the benefit of others here is what I discovered: The order of rooms within the Room Finish Schedule is determined by the order of the spaces in the drawing. Sending a space backwards or forwards (see "Send" under the "Modify" menu) will change that space's place in the finish schedule accordingly. Note: as with any other changes, you will not see the change in order until you select the "recalculate" option on the finish schedule.
  3. We are working with the Room Finish Schedule report feature for the first time. I am generally comfortable with how it works and see some promise in it, but have one issue. How do I sort rows to coincide with room numbers (or sort by room name, etc)?
  4. Now that I've been following this procedure for a few months, I can verify that it is a workable solution. Running the "purge" command for my VectorWorks exports in AutoCAD solves the zoom extents problem and I haven't noticed any bad consequences - other than adding a step to my already lengthy export/import procedures.
  5. I discovered how to solve the problem in AutoCAD, though I don't know how to prevent it in VectorWorks (pre-export) yet. In ACAD, select "Purge" and check the "Purge zero-length geometry and empty text objects" box. Purge All and this problem disappears. Before someone follows my procedure, they should verify that purging these objects don't erase a drawing item that they need.
  6. I am experiencing an issue with some of my AutoCAD exports from Vectorworks that causes problems for the end use of the .dwg files. "Zoom Extents" is a commonly used tool in AutoCAD to bring everything on screen. Some (not all) of my files exported from VectorWorks go crazy when Zoom Extents is selected in ACAD - all drawing objects disappear and the undo command is the only way to bring the drawing back on screen. Anyone else running into this problem? We have clients with AutoCAD submittal requirements who are going to give us trouble about this some day - hasn't happened yet, but this problem would annoy me if I were the recipient of these files. Note: I have searched for objects outside of the drawing area and can't find any outliers.
  7. I am experiencing a similar issue when attempting to superimpose pavement/sidewalk on a site model. After using the Send to Surface command, I have a mix of site and sidewalk - very similar to the graphic posted by domer1322. I can "solve" the problem by raising the sidewalk 3" - which creates a new problem. I've used this tool a couple of times in the past, but it may be the first time in VW 2013. I'll try it in 2014 later today and see if that works.
  8. I won't upgrade to OS 10.9 at the office until I am confident that my essential software will run reliably on it. It is not very difficult to wait a few days after a new OS X release and check out discussion forums like this to see if there are problems with the key software releases that I depend upon. In my case, the version of Parallels that we use was the sticking point. Sometimes, it is just better to take a breath and wait a little while ...
  9. I hadn't considered dragging and dropping into a drawing - that may save a step. I don't mind when VW has me go through a series of settings questions when importing ACAD files. I would like to be able to open (import) an ACAD file directly from a Finder window into VW without the need for the user to directly interface with VW first. If it were treated similarly to how I open older VW files with VW2014, I would be very happy with that. Thanks.
  10. This is a VW on the Mac-related question. I think I remember being able to open .dwg files directly from the Finder using a past version of Vectorworks. I haven't been able to do this for some time (possibly never - maybe I was dreaming that I could do it in years past). It would save a few steps if I could do this rather than opening a new VW file and importing from within the app. Is there a way to do this that I am missing? If it is not a current feature, can it be added in the future?
  11. I find Nomad to be an interesting app. For our workflow and client interaction, its primary weakness is we do more than just work with VectorWorks. Using a .pdf reader on our iPad, I can sort and organize all of our current project drawings, specifications, etc in .pdf format and have a traveling file archive to take in the field and to client meetings. The weakness of our approach is that it requires occasional preparation and updating to ensure that we have the latest files on the device. The strength of the approach is that once that is done, there are no worries about server/cloud reliability, etc. At this moment, Cloud Services isn't accepting my VW files. A post for another discussion stream, but relates to my concern over reliability.
  12. Art V - thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at those possibilities. My short-term solution to this problem was to x-ref the photos into the .dwg files using AutoCAD. Not my first choice, but it worked.
  13. After a short period of working with a new Application Support VW folder, I am back to no images exporting again. In addition to this, I can't repeat what I did before. Deleting the Application Support VW folder no longer alleviates the problem, even briefly.
  14. Moving my VW folder out of Application Support in the Library fixed the problem - VW created a new folder upon opening the application. Must have had a corrupted file that bled into all of the versions. I will re-insert my workplaces, etc and see if everything is still working correctly.
  15. I'm thinking that the problem is with my installation. I have several versions of VW on my computer - none of them successfully export images. I tried it on a second computer with VW loaded and it worked. Different question now: If a feature doesn't work on several different versions of VW on a single computer, what should I do to fix it? What common file(s) would ruin a feature in multiple versions of VW?
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