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  1. I'm trying to print to the Hp Design jet 110 plus, and experiencing a very high level of frustration,with V. 2008 It will sometimes print only the dimensions lines, or drop part of the lines and superimpose a double image of the partially printed drawing and at time it will also print drafting that was not in the print area.
  2. I got these great human figure symbols from vectordepot problem is when I add them to my resource browser and insert them into another file they don't show up it prints a diagonal line
  3. backstage


    great, that did the trick; Thanks Dale
  4. backstage


    I recently upgraded from 12.5 to 2008, I am having a problem with Import function, when I import a DWG file the markers for the dimensions are huge, I have to deleat them so I can view the drawing. is there a way to resize these markers
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