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  1. You were right, I had accidentally switched to top instead of top/plan. Thanks so much! It's crazy how you can click one thing and change something without knowing it like that! Rocksand
  2. I inserted some doors into a floor plan; they looked fine, then I did a couple of unrelated things, inserting some text etc, and noticed that my doors now look like windows. When I click on them and click their settings, it states that they are doors and shows me the preview for what they should look like correctly, but still in my drawing they do not look like they are supposed to. Can anyone help? I'm a beginner at vectorworks, hopefully I explained this in a way that you can understand... Thanks!!! Rocksand
  3. I am really new to vectorworks and am trying to figure out how to edit or scale existing patterns? I have figured out how to scale hatches but can't seem to figure out how to do it for patterns. Sorry if this question is answered elsewhere, I just couldn't find it. Also, when you create a class with a pattern and a pen style, is there any way to make pattern fills a certain lineweight and the bounding pen a different lineweight? For instance if I use the rectangle tool and I want the rectangle boundaries to be .25 lineweight and the pattern fill inside to consist of lines that are .05 lineweight so that the fill will be thinner than the outline? Thanks!! Rocksand
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