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  1. Hi I changed my MS mouse settings back to the original settings of 5.3 and it fixed the problem Thanks very much for your input much appreciated. Ross
  2. Thanks Donne nzwiz is not running, not sure what OIP is? I have managed to get the software running again it was caused by me updating my the nvidia drivers and VW did not like it for some reason, I am running GeForce 8500gt ver 110.85, driver as soon as i went back to this driver the problem went away, also going to my original MS mouse settings corrected the problem of the screnn pulsating. Thanks very much for your input. Ross
  3. Hi Thanks i have done that, but can't check it yet, when i load up the sotware it crashes and re-boots the machine, comes up with a error messsage, so may have to get my tech guy to check all my settings unless you can throw any light on the situation. Cheers Ross
  4. My problem occurs when i am in VW Architect in the Architect ANZ workspace, the sotware pulsates and flickers after any sort of command, this does not occur if i am in a standard workspace, it is as though the software is trying to catch up with itself after perfoming a command. Hope someone can help me Thanks Rossco
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