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  1. Data Visualization is a great way to achieve this.
  2. I'm still seeing this behavior in 2023 as well. The file started in versions prior to 2023, but that is not uncommon when working with venue-provided files, or repeating projects. Venue-provided files also may use non-stock symbols. I'm interested in the graphic legends but don't have the time right now to lean and troubleshoot a new elements.
  3. M1 Studio Max 64GB RAM (with browser, chat, Itunes, etc running); 11:35
  4. Add my name to the list of those wishing for better Rhino support/integration. I have a handful of agency clients who use it exclusively and collaboration is a real challenge. Importing giant files with no layer/class structure is of limited use.
  5. I’ve been using (and supporting) Designsmith for a while. It’s definitely come in handy before. One issue I have encountered with it- which is a risk with this sort of thing in general - is keeping things up to date. I did some studies for a client in a ballroom based on a file from designsmith (it was a smaller hotel that wasn’t able to provide real drawings) and when they did a site survey it was discovered that the hotel had been renovated and some doors, etc had been moved as with any drawing exchange- buyer beware!
  6. FYI my issue was fixed with a complete reinstall of VW2019 - not something I want to have to do often.
  7. VW2019 is unusable for me right now- anytime I try to insert, select, or manipulate text- on a design later or sheet layer, the application locks up (MacOS "beach ball") for 10-15 seconds or more.) The OIP is not docked. VW2019 "up to date" (build 448790) Mac OS 10.14 Mojave iMac Retina5K 27-inch, Late 2014 32GB RAM Radeon M9 M295X 4GB
  8. I'm just going to add my voice in here. Working in Open GL is so fast and makes texturing very easy, but the 8 light limit is incredibly restrictive and makes it basically useless for tryout to show a lit stage scene.
  9. FYI this request had been made before to support (by a colleague of mine). I think it is a much-needed library and I would encourage users to keep up the pressure.
  10. What "Apple supplied demo" are you referring to? And how are you getting the VW model in there? With Unity?
  11. To follow up on Charlie's post (as he is working on a project for me). To be more specific, the question is: -Is there a way to have 2 different TYPES of bumpers in a line array? We are modeling arrays on a project and the lower bumpers are smaller than the upper ones, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this in Spotlight 2017 -Brendan
  12. Hi Edward- Thanks for the apology. I did email as well. Strange. Anyhow, SP3 will open a test file with a single Cosmopix fixture, but the fixture behavior is, well, weird. (I think the parent/child relationships are off). Here is a link to a screen grab video showing the aberrant behavior: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zc5zq6ommilfuyc/Cosmopix VIsion 2017 SP3 weirdness.mp4?dl=0
  13. I look forward to seeing how the update works. I am troubled that my post in this thread from January 27 and my more importantly my support email form January 19 got absolutely no response from VW. and here we are nearly 3 months later. We completed that project in MA3D.
  14. So, just to clarify- video capture in Vision is broken, with no information about when it might be fixed? That rules it out for a project that we are working on right now. We'll be using MA3D in the short term, and now we're evaluating Realizzer for other projects. This is the second project in as many months where we have not been able to use Vision due to bugs. I made current and upgraded our Vision license last summer, with the hope that the acquisition by Vectorworks would bring improvements. Aside from a superficial re-skinning and some library integration, I have seen very little indication that Vision is getting better anytime soon. I'm wishing I had spent that money elsewhere. Best Brendan
  15. Hopefully this bug gets fixed soon. It's really messing up my workflow on some projects right now. I've resorted to deleting viewports on some shows where I I need to do a lot of focus point manipulation, but that means they have to be re-created, which is a major waste of time. I have repeating annual events with many sheet layers and many viewports.
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