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  1. Charlie Winter

    Codec for Render Movie

    @bbudzon Are there any additional required codecs to render movies out of Vision 2020 on Windows 10? Experiencing some cross platform oddities when viewing on macOS Mohave.
  2. Charlie Winter

    Feature Request: NDI Support

    Daniel, can you tell me more about Syphon? I’m starting a project right now that I’m hoping to utilize NDI streams for applying content to LED Screens.
  3. Will it be possible in a future release to class out the leader lines?
  4. Charlie Winter

    Exporting MVR

    What is the WAD time for an MVR file export to complete? When exporting single geometry or lighting fixture updates I'm waiting between 30-45 seconds.
  5. Charlie Winter

    Fresnel Spot-Flood Focus

    Is it possible to manually focus the spot/flood spread of a fresnel fixture while in Vision?
  6. Charlie Winter

    Martin Encore Performance Profile: Zoom backwards?

    @SimonRossiter It sounds like the fixture is operating correctly according to its DMX chart. Always check the chart first, because fixture profiles vary across lighting consoles and programmers.
  7. Charlie Winter

    Texture Reflectivity

    @bbudzon Can you share a step by step for creating an alpha mask from geometry that originated in Vectorworks? For example, I have a set piece in Vectorworks with over 20 arches. I would like to create an alpha mask to render the arch opening, which I would then apply to my model in Vision. How would I do that? p.s I have access to Cinema 4D and photoshop. p.p.s Will alpha maps help reduce or eliminate shadow map tearing on object faces in Vision?
  8. Charlie Winter

    Worksheet Data Visualization

    @Gunther Who would be able to provide some feedback here?
  9. Charlie Winter

    Matthews C-Stand objects

    Excited to see that the grip library is expanding with the inclusion of the Manfrotto stand symbols. Can we expect Matthews c-stand symbols not far behind?
  10. Charlie Winter

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    So after spending some hours testing the capture card shared by @klinzey I have had the following experiences. It works successfully with Vision *BUT* that was on my MacBook Pro (10.13.x) running Windows 10 Home on Bootcamp. Not my ideal workstation. Jumping over to our previz workstation (Windows 10 Pro) is where I'm stumped. The Windows Device Manager recognizes that the card is connected, but using the Skype test as recommended by @bbudzon shows no card connected. Has anyone had success streaming video into Vision on a dedicated Windows 10 Pro workstation with a different capture card? I'd love to hear about your experience. @Gaspar Potocnik @nakedeye
  11. Charlie Winter

    Using Spotlight Numbering - Selection Holds

    Close and reopen the file. I believe this is a known issue.
  12. Charlie Winter

    Texture Reflectivity

    @bbudzon You shared with me a good explanation about the current state of textures in Vision. Could you share that here as well?
  13. I'm involved with a project right now previz'ing with Vision 2019 (Windows 10) and GrandMA2 onPC. They are talking to each other via MAnet protocol. I have not yet had an opportunity to test Vision 2019 with a real desk. Will Vision 2019 listen to MAnet from MA Hardware (Full-Size, Light, etc.), or should I be prepared to output Art-Net or sACN? Thanks!
  14. Charlie Winter

    GrandMA2 Console --> Vision 2019

    @klinzey Great! If I encounter anything different I'll follow up here.
  15. Charlie Winter

    How to get media server into Vision

    What is the affect of Universe & Channel in the 'Select Vision Video Source' window? Does it allow for stop / play of video content when opened in Vision?
  16. Charlie Winter

    Saved Views in Vision

    I’ve discovered the view hot keys on the keyboard to navigate quickly around Vision. What is the workflow for updating these keys, or are there other keys available for updating custom views? Thanks, C
  17. Charlie Winter

    Vision 2019 SP3 MVR Improvements

    Just ran into this myself today and submitted a bug.
  18. Charlie Winter

    Vision 2019 crashes on Mac with Nvidia

    I have 60GB allocated for my BootCamp partition.
  19. Charlie Winter

    Vision 2019 crashes on Mac with Nvidia

    It's not ideal, but I found that to be the best solution. I can run Windows 10 on Boot Camp with success. I'm also on a 2014 MBP, with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB.
  20. Charlie Winter

    Connect vision to grandMA3

    Do you have any more info about why they are dropping support for non-MA3D visualizers via MAnet, or should I pose this question to someone at ACT?
  21. Charlie Winter

    LX Bar Stuck in Wrong Class

    Its likely the original geometry for your hanging position is still in its original class, and you're updating the class for the PIO. Are you able to edit the geometry? There you should be able to update the class.
  22. Charlie Winter

    Microsoft Surface

    @Jim Wilson Curious about this. Are there future plans to incorporate touchscreen functions into Vectorworks?
  23. Charlie Winter

    Is there an app for that..?

    Not exactly. I was curious if there was an iOS app built specifically for the forum, rather than navigating and posting via a web browser when I’m on the go.
  24. Charlie Winter

    Is there an app for that..?

    Curious to know if there is a preferred forum (RSS) app on iOS to navigate the tech board or a VW forum app in development.
  25. Charlie Winter

    Video Projector beam

    @JBenghiat This looks like an interesting new tool. Is it functional for v2019?


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