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  1. Scott. My common workflow is to place one summary with all of the devices used in my drawing. Following that I will copy/paste additional summaries and use Filter to refine the information that is shown. It is here that things begin to slow down. I would say I have around 15 symbols in total.
  2. Instrument Summary tool continues to be lagging heavily still on v2022 SP3. It's not tenable to wait upwards of 1-2min for VW to stop beach balling.. Can anyone relate? I'm running right now on a 14" MBP M1 Pro.
  3. Any thoughts as to why Absolute Address would not be visible as an available field when exporting the *.xml for Lightwright exchange? In a new drawing it appears correct, but is missing in my working file. New Drawing Missing in my working file.
  4. Importing the obj direct from RenderPeople preserves the mapping. https://renderpeople.com/free-3d-people/
  5. I am receiving the following error when importing an *.obj I created in Cinema4D R21. What is odd is the image is residing in the same directory as the *.obj, so i don't understand why it won't import. The model is also not maintaining its UV Mapping. Any thoughts here? @EAlexander @Ethan R.
  6. I seem to recall a script floating around for quickly changing DPI on sheet layers.. am I crazy? I'm working on testing render styles on viewports in a sheet layer and would like to quickly switch between a low and high resolution DPI. Is this possible via a Vectorscript?
  7. I'm trying to add the Truss Record to my own Base symbol. Mostly successful there, but i'm having issues with the snap for adding truss to the base. They are offset. Without changing the origin of the truss, how would I setup my base to center align the truss?
  8. @bbudzon Is there a timeline for when the ‘Send to Vision’ command will be replaced? I believe users should be encouraged to use Export ESC rather than ‘Send to Vision’. The ‘Send..’ command runs counter to the workflow being pushed with MVR and in my opinion ingrains bad workflow practices.
  9. Following. @Ethan R. @VWX USER 1I believe there is a Bell 🔔 indicator in the Project Sharing layers window that displays when layers are out of sync in your working drawing. Would be great if that were visible elsewhere outside the menu.
  10. Can you export an *.obj from blender?
  11. Curious to hear what other people do.. I've been stuck in letters-numbers, indicating department and plate no. (L1, R1 .. Lighting 1.. Rigging 1.. so on an so forth.) #1 is usually an Overview plated, followed by details of specific areas (#2..#3.. etc)
  12. I've frequently encountered issues with mouse clicks not registering when attempting to execute commands such as [Select; Flyover; ellipsis in Properties window] in Vision 2020 on my iMac. @bbudzon Is this a known issue?
  13. @BrandonSPP Is there a page or sticky announcement that includes fixture modes that are updated / added to the "Lights.wad" library on a weekly basis? c
  14. Throwing this out here as there have been some recent postings regarding Webinars on the Vectorworks Spotlight Usergroup on Facebook. It appears that they are only available to Service Select members in the UK. This is frustrating at face value because the Facebook group has users from across the globe. As a Service Select subscriber in the US, how do I access the content of these Webinars?
  15. I will have to pay specific attention to what I’m importing the next time this occurs.
  16. What does this notification mean? I haven't nailed down exactly where it originates from.
  17. Good discovery! Explains why I couldn’t render out at that size. I would suggest any formats that are viewable on a mobile device. (*.mov and *.mp4 come to mind) A large majority of the time we are sharing content that should be viewable on the go iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc..) in addition to desktop media applications. Nope. Just talking about viewing Render Movies on additional devices (macOS, Windows, mobile devices and cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.)
  18. @bbudzon Are there any additional required codecs to render movies out of Vision 2020 on Windows 10? Experiencing some cross platform oddities when viewing on macOS Mohave.
  19. Daniel, can you tell me more about Syphon? I’m starting a project right now that I’m hoping to utilize NDI streams for applying content to LED Screens.
  20. What is the WAD time for an MVR file export to complete? When exporting single geometry or lighting fixture updates I'm waiting between 30-45 seconds.
  21. Is it possible to manually focus the spot/flood spread of a fresnel fixture while in Vision?
  22. @SimonRossiter It sounds like the fixture is operating correctly according to its DMX chart. Always check the chart first, because fixture profiles vary across lighting consoles and programmers.
  23. @bbudzon Can you share a step by step for creating an alpha mask from geometry that originated in Vectorworks? For example, I have a set piece in Vectorworks with over 20 arches. I would like to create an alpha mask to render the arch opening, which I would then apply to my model in Vision. How would I do that? p.s I have access to Cinema 4D and photoshop. p.p.s Will alpha maps help reduce or eliminate shadow map tearing on object faces in Vision?
  24. @Gunther Who would be able to provide some feedback here?
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