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  1. when resizing worksheet column (making it wider) with just text in cells (set to wrap text) for some reason the text reshapes as it supposed but leaves blank space at the bottom of each cell as if there were extra blank lines (there are none). The only way to get rid of the blanks is, so far, to cut the text directly from the cell, hit return and paste it back in. Is there a trick to globally fix it?
  2. you can control that label in design layer: size if the circle is set via "info" box and then the text via text pull down menu. You can control this label in the viewport via "advanced properties" in the info box with viewport selected. There are treads regarding this issue, but in the end there is no perfect solution, problem being that if you use the plan at 2 different scales then you will have a label size issue.
  3. same here, I was unable to customize the labels at all, though suggested a while ago that these labels should be more like simple mini title blocks.
  4. I made some screen shots to illustrate the issue, there are 3 screen shots: 1. cursor indicated middle of the first object 2. cursor indicates corner of the second object 3. second object is forced dragged horizontally to align right above the middle of the first object, there is no indication that it is picking up the middle of the first object. Now when this happens in midst of regular drawing with many object it is not possible to know what I am aligning too. Hopefully there is a magic fix for that.
  5. however: I am always in click and drag mode and when I roll over a deselected object it shows mid or center, once selected it does not, second thing, when dragging an object by whatever point to snap to center the cursor will not show spell out any acquisition points, it will just highlight them which depending on zoom may not work.
  6. definitely related, thanks, it definitely improves snapping to mid points.
  7. do you see acquisition hints the same way: end point and mid point?
  8. try adjusting cursor acquisition box size in VW preferences, that help me with being able to easier select "midpoint" etc. However, in general there is a problem with selecting, hints etc, its not working as well as it used to.
  9. I have been using Wacom tablets for 20 years, currently intuos. I agree w/ zoomer that mouse offers more control, though I never use scroll wheel. Personally I cannot use mouse for long, also I find pen tablet more fluid when it comes to controlling cursor, also, I use "touch" to scroll and zoom which I also find more fluid and natural. Having said that I think its all quite personal, it works for me but it may not for you, I guess you should try buying one and use it for at least a month or so.
  10. I have installed new SDS drive, new system and fresh VW copy, the first few times it super fast, perhaps 15 s, now after few days back to the old ways - 10 minutes or more. I can see that VW is loading this and that, slowing down for instance @ Xgshelf with wheel spinning for minutes, same workspace support system. OS X 10.13.4, VW 2018 sp3
  11. I faced the same issue, I have all VW backups saved to a different drive (with project folders structure) and that drive is set to back up @ night, I have this set up for the last 5 years and it works perfect for a 5 people office.
  12. check the number of pages in the VW page set up, I noticed that when I change the printer page first (it changes pages size but then crates a a spread like 1.3 pages vertically and 1.1 pages horizontally), then when you change the viewport sheet size it doesn't change. This is tricky if you don't have page breaks displayed.
  13. I agree with Art. In my documents which I submit to dept of buildings I need to have all plans pertaining to zoning in feet with decimal fractions and everything else in standard feet and inches. Tis causes to have either have 2 sets or flipping dim preferences either way preventing from publishing whole set in one go.
  14. actually there was a discussion about how to include door and window schedule in one worksheet. The point is that quite often there are windows and doors from the same system/manufacturer and a lot of details/profiles are the same (the whole point of using the same system). I think the whole division between doors and windows is antiquated (which I have expressed before). The should be a unified "Opening" tool that deals with various condition (for instance there is no way to do a barn door type, or door on a curb) given the state of design today - there is just too many variations to fold into door or window typology. I think window tool has pretty good controls and could be developed as "Opening" tool, but I realize there is a 3D aspect which kind of complicates things, so I don't expect this to be revised, besides this needs a lot of input which somehow is on th eight side in this forum.
  15. this is a very good point, I may around it is to use casement windows and mark them as doors, obviously having doors with the same controls as windows and showing in plan with relevant details should be way. In fact these goes for glass sliders, again, I am using sliding windows.
  16. tis is strange, I was fundamentals user till about 2 years ago and I have been using this method for as long as I remember (I have used VW since it was a minicad 3)
  17. if you are using Mac (I do) you can just open off in preview, than in a thumbnail preview select the page you want to import (don't select from the main window - it will come as a bitmap at screen resolution). If you select from the thumbnail (command 'C') than the page will maintain size and vector format (if it was saved as such originally) than just paste to an empty layer, either design or sheet.
  18. from the top bar open classes, pick the one you want to change double click, a new window will open with all the settings. Same for layers but they are not equal.
  19. I am using space tool with associated label. One of the purposes is to control the SF and some other dimensional info. I am using it as an overlay with label 100% opaque on one class and rectangle @ 15% on another class. Opacity is controlled via class settings. Sometimes the opacity defaults to 100% even though the item has the same settings as the other ones that maintain the opacity, it seems like the class enforced link is lost. Just wondering is anybody has faced this issue.
  20. I have faced this issue when upgraded to 2018. In fact you can do what you want, the trick is to use "issues" in lieu of "revisions", for some reasons they work better. I created a custom worksheet and title block so they work together. Once thing is that you cannot change things via spreadsheet - its a one way street from title block to spreadsheet, I talked to tech support and that is the way is set up, but it still works very well.
  21. TKA

    Hatch Scaling

    Alan, thanks, that is most likely the best way handling it
  22. TKA

    Hatch Scaling

    I agree with solutions listed above as I have been using them. The problem is that this should not be the case especially when having classes forced attributes, the whole point of the VW class forced attributes is to have it all happen automatically and so all (say steel) is represented in a similar manner in a design layer and then adjusted in viewport accordingly. I believe based on the comments so far this is a bug which should be fixed.
  23. TKA

    Hatch Scaling

    I use "Detailing" with parametric structural shapes (W, I, Tubes etc), than I assign a specific "hatch" not screen pattern, in this case the standard double line for steel and triple for aluminum. These hatches are totally controllable in polygons double lines walls etc but not in the structural shapes. attached is MC channel, on the left it is exploded (CMD K - polyline), the same thing unexploded on the right, both set to the same hatch and set to the same size via attribute dialog box.
  24. TKA

    Hatch Scaling

    I have complete control over the hatch scale but neither hatch control tool or attribute control box does anything to hatches in structural shapes, scaling the drawing doesnt change either. Is there a solution to this without "exploding" the parametric object?
  25. when grouping or converting to a symbol new attributes are assigned, double check the the group attributes match the elements within it.
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