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  1. OH MY GOSH ... thank you so much. you have solved our issue and everyone in my office is VERY VERY thankful! 'Auto Drawing Coordination' ... Thank you!
  2. If I edit the sheet number or sheet name in the Organization box, it doesn't change it on the title block. That's why I'm having this issue; the only way to bath renumber/rename my sheets is to go through each one and open the title block border settings which is a painfully slow process when you have 56 sheets to renumber
  3. Would you be able to give the exact steps to creat what I am after?
  4. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov So I have a file with 11 sheet layers on, all with the same title block. (Vectorworks 2019) Tools - Reports - Create Sheet List. However when i edit this, it only edits the numbers on the sheet list and not on the sheets themshelves.
  5. This is how we did it with VWs 2018. However with the update of 2019, we find that you can change the Number and Name in the organisation window but this won't change it in your title block. Sometimes it works, but rarely!
  6. Yep, this button is ticked and still getting no data in my data sheets
  7. I understand. Thank you anyway for your help.
  8. Thank you Nicholas, Unfortunately, the owners of the small family business I work for do not have a lot of tech understanding and are not that willing to upgrade our computers. I am trying to word our issue is a way that doesn't sound like I'm demanding an entirely new computer suite. We currently have one laptop running Vectorworks on an i3 core. For a mid-level performance, what graphics card would you recommend? Would a laptop have this capability? if so, could you recommend a laptop?
  9. Hi @PVA - Jim I've just looked into the graphics card in our machines; they all have the Intel (R) HD Graphics 650 which supports openGL 4.4. Looking at the minimum spec for Vectorworks 2019, this looks adequate. Am I wrong?
  10. Hi @fabrica Please could you talk us through making a database or worksheet of the title block? If I create a revision history it will happily list the Sheet Number and Sheet Names but when I try and make a report of both of these, no data is shown. Thanks
  11. Hi Jim, Please see the text file attached. Thank you for looking at this for us. DxDiag.txt
  12. We have all upgraded to VW 2019 in our office and are still having the same problem. Cant switch between open documents and end up closing all files and re-opening them.
  13. There needs to be an easier way of quickly renumbering or renaming multiple Sheet Layers. Quite often we have projects that move from a feasibility project to a live project, resulting in the sheet numbers and/or sheet names to be changed. With the title block manager 2018 you could edit the sheet number and name of each sheet individually within the title block manager itself. Now with 2019, you can edit everything else on the border but these in the title block manger. To change the sheet name/number you have to manually go onto each sheet, double clicked to pull up the edit title block border options, enter the settings for that particular border, find sheet data and change the sheet name and number. When you have over 10 sheets, this is very tedious. Please let there be another way of editing the sheets names and numbers in bath.
  14. We have having an issue with the TBB in our office. Our Title block was set up using 2018 and all worked well. Now you can only edit the Sheet Name and Sheet Number through double clicking on each title block and editing it in settings. If you try to edit the sheet name and sheet number on sheet data in the TBB, those two fields are not shown even though they are active and linked to data. How can I get these two fields to show in the TBB, so that I dont have to go through each page and go into each title block settings individually? Thank you
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