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  1. Rigging-Truss-Simplified is not turned on for any of these screenshots. However, it's somehow always on by default in worksheets. At this point, it appears to be a bug -- notice that the tower truss symbols properly display the data vis in Shaded but not wireframe. So that's actually 2 bugs for me to file...
  2. Just out of curiosity, how long has =IMAGEBYDATAVIS('data visualization name') been in there/available?
  3. OK I'm almost there... However: 3D truss symbols in the worksheet continue to be a problem but not always I'm not sure how to make the Simplified Truss class invisible in the worksheet
  4. Thank you! Got it--thanks! That works. Hmm... I definitely want it to receive shadows from other objects. Is this because the image textures seem to be sort of like gobo textures? Personally, I'll be using Data Tags, so I don't have a horse in this race. However, from a basic end-user POV, this area was the most frustrating for me. It was definitely interesting, so I'm curious to see how it develops. 🙏🏼 the same self-imposed limit to Shaded (Metal / DirectX) is increased. Final thought: a tutorial video would be great for new users. Some of the parameters and functionality is not immediately obvious or intuitive, so a video would really speed up the learning curve. Also possibly a little more explanation throughout the OIP (either more descriptive labels or some tooltips or something). I really love this plugin, and can't wait to continue using it in v2022.
  5. Oof--in that case I have no notes. It's perfect as-is! Off the top of my head, all of these notes are coming from using the plugin and RTFM for less than 24 hours: Moving objects is a drag, specifically an Option-drag. And then I have to delete the leftovers. Unless there's a modifier key to move locked objects, I'd like a way to move them or unlock them without having to duplicate them. Unless I'm missing something... When I insert a PJ symbol, it aligns with the insertion point, not the center of the lens, so I have to edit the 3D symbol insertion point to align with the cone. Unless I'm missing something... I'd like to tilt a PJ past -90 for mirror / snorkel lenses. For example, if I hang a PJ at -90 and then enter -110, the PJ will rotate 180º to -70. Obviously, I can adjust the focus with vertical lens shift but then the body of the PJ is the cone (see screenshot; however, props for the realism of the PJ body casting a shadow in its own cone). Unless I'm missing something... Is there a way for the image texture not to appear on other PJ cones (see screenshot)? For the built-in text functionality, I'd say Andy's and Sam's (legacy hoist tool) are the gold standard, so more like that and less like a data tag. My last note is for VW to increase the light limit in OpenGL/Shaded because now my PJ's are counting against that number too, so I'll throw a VE down the wishing well.. I'm still mid-learning curve, so I'm eager to discover what else I can accomplish with this plugin. In the meantime, there are so many little attentions to detail that I love like the View section button, and the sliders that allow me to make adjustments in real time.
  6. I tried installing a trial with v2022 but it doesn't work (no issues with installing on v2021). Any idea when it will be compatible with v2022?
  7. The headline for v2023 should read “No New Features” and the rest of the story should be about finishing what was started (across the board throughout the app).
  8. That checks out on my end because I see it happening in Narrow Perspective. I'll file a bug report for this.
  9. You just reminded me of something. I have this issue with the LED video screen object in both v2021 and v2022. When I'm zoomed in, it looks great. But when I zoom out, it looks like your example above. That to me sounds like a VGM LOD issue (lower res for objects further away). @Josh Loy what do you think?
  10. The way the window is grey out like that seems to indicate the app is not active. And I've never seen an all white canvas like that. Other thing that comes to mind is there's a dialog like the Publish Log that's hiding under a window, and needs to be closed first.
  11. Is the creasing angle set to 0 ? That usually takes care of that for me.
  12. Add this to the Vectorworks Paradox list (2 or 3 tools that almost get the job done).
  13. Any updates? Is this just a Hidden Line issue?
  14. Yeah, this definitely needs to happen--any updates?
  15. The real question is if 3Dconnexion's Big Sur driver will still be in beta by the time Monterey is released: https://3dconnexion.com/us/support/faq/beta-driver-for-macos-11-big-sur/
  16. Thanks for the reply, Jesse. I could have sworn that the house rigging point PIO didn't block the record but maybe I manually added it the first time? This seems like another example of "works as designed" instead of "works as expected" behavior. Anyway, thanks for submitting the VE for this.
  17. The symbol has the data record intact but the House Rigging Points no longer attach it, even if I start from scratch.
  18. It also has no place in the OIP to enter length.
  19. Hey Juan, I just shared the links from here with a client: https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/vectorworks-file-viewer Are they still good, or should I use the links you posted? I really don't want to confuse them with multiple links if I don't have to...
  20. How on earth did you discover this Konami Code Easter egg of the most complicated workaround imaginable?
  21. I'm sure it's hiding in plain sight but where did the @ icon go to quickly reply to someone?
  22. @Mi&D I believe the hardware from 2017 is exactly the same today, so it's only the firmware and software that's been updated. You may need a Windows machine to update the firmware (of the device itself). If you want the joystick axes to function like it does in the Trainer app, you'll have to change the (inside out and backwards) default settings to the screenshot found here: Also note: VW does not support rolling, so that kills 2 of the "6 degrees of freedom" The SpaceMouse itself has its own tool modes that you'll need to toggle through
  23. Users: please embiggen the tiny fonts and icons in the OIP and other palettes VW: we changed the highlight color in the forums to cyan!
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