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  1. How on earth did you discover this Konami Code Easter egg of the most complicated workaround imaginable?
  2. I'm sure it's hiding in plain sight but where did the @ icon go to quickly reply to someone?
  3. @Mi&D I believe the hardware from 2017 is exactly the same today, so it's only the firmware and software that's been updated. You may need a Windows machine to update the firmware (of the device itself). If you want the joystick axes to function like it does in the Trainer app, you'll have to change the (inside out and backwards) default settings to the screenshot found here: Also note: VW does not support rolling, so that kills 2 of the "6 degrees of freedom" The SpaceMouse itself has its own tool modes that you'll need to toggle through
  4. Users: please embiggen the tiny fonts and icons in the OIP and other palettes VW: we changed the highlight color in the forums to cyan!
  5. Cyan / turquoise is too light against a white background, so it's difficult to read. Please use a darker color.
  6. You might enjoy this article. I've been referencing it in an attempt to solve my displacement mapping dilemma. Unfortunately it's from 2019, so it's not up to date: https://twinmotionhelp.epicgames.com/s/article/Create-a-PBR-material-in-Twinmotion?language=en_US
  7. @grant_PD check out Carbon for Unreal: https://www.carbonforunreal.com/
  8. Any plans for a V-Ray plug-in on the roadmap? https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/free-trials
  9. Would love to know how you accomplish the following in TM: Displacement mapping Interior shadows under furniture without using a decal to fake it Glass reflections without using a probe to fake it VW lighting devices
  10. The still images in the OP are textbook examples of where custom RW shines. The only things missing are a window for physical sky and a heliodon. Interiors like this also expose the weaknesses of GPU biased renderers like TM. It’s all about the right tool for the job. I love TM for exterior animations but for a few still images of interiors…. not worth taking it outside of VW IMHO.
  11. More like if you want a fast render. But they'll have to add shadow decals, reflection probes, random lights, replace textures, juke myriad effects... If realistic is the priority (as of June 2021), better off keeping it in RW and using VW Cloud Publish. A year from now, could be a totally different story.
  12. You can bump the glow texture above 100% in the Reflectivity shader settings. 400% is pretty common but you could do 1,000% or 10,000% if that's what you need (whatever works).
  13. I like the "+30" because that's the only text field I'll add vs Dimensioning. That said, I only use it in Plan view. I would think ramps and steps don't need labeling in 3D because the slope indicates direction up/down, and the heights at top/bottom are already labeled, so it would just create visual clutter. Then again:
  14. Also, as backward as it sounds, grab objects / materials / textures from Quixel Bridge, and bring them into VW. I'm really hoping that VW partners with Quixel, so we can use the same assets from start (VW) to finish (TM). Redshift has already done this, and they're part of the same software family so it's not that far of a stretch.
  15. @JuanP I'm bringing this thread back to life, as we still have to convert Subdivision objects to Generic Solids to edit texture mapping in v2021. Plus everything else listed by @rDesign in the OP.
  16. @Ride I'm going to continue testing my Enterprise during the Amazon 30-day return period. If I decide to return it, I'll probably get the one you just ordered as it's the best value. In that case, I'll go back to using a numpad for views. I've also remapped the outer keys of the Numpad with Karabiner. Now that I think about it, I could remap those keys to the Lower view settings for modeling... Anyway, I don't think you should cancel your order. It's worth the $200 for subdivision modeling and walk throughs. However, $400 for the Enterprise feels like a pain point... Also, depending what other design apps you're using, it'll work with those too (and doesn't seem to suffer from the same issues for whatever reasons).
  17. Screen recording attached: Screen Recording 480p.mov I lost roll again, so I'll have to troubleshoot that. The other annoying thing is that there seems to be a bug causing the SpaceMouse to forget Target Camera Mode while I'm rotating the object, so I have to cycle through those options to restore it. Honestly, I'm just super irritated with 3DC's QC. They need to step up for VW and Mac users, and get it together. And that's coming from the guy that you'd have to pry the wired CadMouse from his dead hands (me). It's just this damned SpaceMouse that's buggy as hell. All of the advantages of this convoluted device seem canceled out by the bugs and caveats, and now I'm just back to remapping keyboard / mouse keys to temporality activate the flyover tool.
  18. At this point, I'll be surprised if the Big Sur driver is out of beta by then...
  19. Same. I'll upload a screen recording shortly. In the meantime, I'm stabbing in the dark with mapping the axes. I don't know how they're so screwed up after all these years of partnership...
  20. OK spin counter / clockwise isn't working but roll left / right is working!
  21. @zoomer thank you-- I thought I was losing my mind! I spent most of today reading through every SpaceMouse post here in the forum from the past 5 years. I'll reverse the mapping in 3DC prefs to match the Training app as in your screenshot. The banking (rolling) options can be disabled in 3DC prefs. So, if VW ever supports rolling left/right, you can keep them disabled to lock the horizon. For subdivision modeling, I can't imagine working without roll left/right. To be clear, I don't need the SpaceMouse to navigate walk throughs. I need to roll the model in every direction for subdivision editing (and general modeling for that matter). I was able to set the origin to orbit as expected in Target Camera Mode (absolutely mind-boggling to me that everyone here uses Helicopter mode for that). Even with the object not at 0,0,0, it works fine. Depending where the object is, and what other objects are around it, selecting the object helps. Logically, that makes sense because the tool can't read minds. From what I can tell, VW Flyover tool modes don't affect SP behavior. The other thing I noticed is that to get the object to spin around it's center (vs a wider "ferris wheel" path), I have to twist not push the joystick. Maybe I'll share a screen recording after I get this dialed in...
  22. After learning subdivision modeling, I immediately bought a SpaceMouse Enterprise. BTW the subdivision gum ball needs to be an option in all object selection modes (like Rhino, Cinema R24, etc). I can't believe that funntionality has existed in VW for years without existing everywhere in VW. I finally figured out how rotate an object in 3D using Target Camera Mode. However... Compared to the demo 3DC Trainer app, all axes are reversed in VW: up is down, left is right, pushing in is pulling out... From what I understand, VW doesn't support rolling left/right. Please tell me that's not the case anymore because that's the whole point of "6 degrees of freedom" Also, I guess there's no hope of tool icons for Mac users because 3DC just hasn't been able to solve that feat of engineering in the past 4+ years
  23. I'm in the same boat on 10.15.7 The SpaceMouse will also kill the flyover tool using the CadMouse. Also, there's that good ole problem of having to unplug and replug both 3DC devices every time I restart the computer. I haven't hated an input device this much since the Apple TV remote.
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