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  1. Hi Benson That the problem its just illustrator as a great automatic trace tool but it leads to a world of pain!! The optimize tool is a great find and works well in 2012 additional it looks like it can replace curves with arcs which can be crucial in the laser work flow and is something (ark fitting that is) I used to do in Rhino which was yet another step to go through. If this arc fitting is any good I'm a happy bunny! Also cool I can remove small items which I was doing manually. BTW is there a decent trace command in VW? last time I used it many VW versions ago it was pretty poor but might be super now?? Thanks for the heads up. Cheers Will
  2. Thanks Benson I imported this form illustrator I think this is where all the problems come from! Excuse my ignorance but what is OIP? Also a big thanks you for the heads up on the optimise drawing download I am often dealing with tricky big files like this and it will be a godsend for me I'm sure! BTW I am using VW 2012? should be ok??? Will
  3. Ok I have a file for plotting in vinyl and I wanted to get all the "Holes" clipped into the out line surface??. All I get is the spinning beach ball of doom. The surface is colored but you can see the bits that are supposed to be holes? How can I get this to work? Cheers Will oops 12mb file here is the DB link https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlwbo3mtljeh7cb/Untitled%201%20leaves.vwx any tips would be welcome!!
  4. Thanks Jim leaves me wondering still though! Cheers Anway Wx
  5. As title I am undecided if ti is worth the upgrade??? especial on my old workhorse 2008 macbook pro? (2.4ghz dual core 8gb ram running 10.8.5). I read the technical forum and it said there are issues but it will run?.. Dunno what that means LOL Any real experiences out there??? Cheers Will
  6. what about 10.8? I have downloaded it but cant risk installing it till this beast of a job is finished!
  7. Thats really helpful thanks I had no problems yesterday so perhaps its memory leaks Yep your right its a 2008 MBP
  8. Hi Good people I'm running VW 2012 on a macbook pro 8gb ram Mac os 10.6.8 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Whats the biggest file size I can comfortably handle?? I'm struggling with some 200mb files which crash and won't save or render. Then if I save them stripping away most of the stuff as a reduced file with fewer viewports and sheet layers and bin a load of 3d models associated with the sheet viewports no problems (70-80mb). Just wondering what file size I should be able to process easily? Cheers Will I'm beginning to think that VW is not the best program for complex 3d shapes with loads of nurbs etc???
  9. What do you all use and can recommend I have a logitech MX something or other which is OK and a 3d connection pilot... No driver support in VW useless . What should I use mighty mouse? Wacom tablet I dunno? Cheers Will BTW Mackbook pro not windows compatible
  10. HI All simple problem I know but its one of those drives me crazy things!! I used to draw a shape on a view of my model and highlight it and create viewport by default it became the crop box. Now this still works in plan view but any other elevation fails and I have to viewport the entire elevation then crop on the sheet layer via edit crop. What am I doing wrong? is it something to do with the crop I am drawing (ie a 3d rectangle??) probably some really foolish mistake but you know how we all get tripped up sometimes! Cheers Will
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