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  1. I dont think so. Renderworks is based on Cinema 4d and that has Teamrender, but Teamrender is not a part of VW. Is it possible to be done in the Cloud services from VW?
  2. I have the international version, last years it was the same day I think. But I can be mistaken...
  3. But but but.... then i have to stay up till tommorow morning.... In dont like timezones
  4. But the time is now Jim We aren't getting any stuff done this way
  5. I thought the Dutch version of VW already has a gutter object in his workspace, but i don't know how complex or simple that tool is. Maybe somebody with a Dutch version can tell us that?
  6. I wish that DIN 917 was part of the fastners toolset. Din 1587 seems to be part of it already https://www.rvspaleis.nl/moeren/dopmoeren/din-917
  7. Mostly extra contrast, some fake ambient occlusion, the line drawing on top of the rendering, and some effect to give it a little bit of a sketchy feel. The line drawing: You can do this in VW, but if you want to use the Artistic style of VW the lines can become a sort of pixelated if you lay them on top of a rendered viewport. Everything done in VW is always better. Maybe we can ask Jim to combine VW en PS ;-)
  8. This is what I ones made. Did some PS work to it, but I cant upload a psd-file to this site so hereby a link to onedrive: http://1drv.ms/1JhrGVk
  9. I use the non-localized version so you did the hard work for me Thanks for confirming the issue!
  10. I have a drawing with several same sized screws. If I want to change the size of the screws by selecting them with the select similar tool I can change the size of them in the OIP but then I get unexpected results. 1 or 2 get the selected size, but the others stay the same. Is this a bug?
  11. Ok, thanks for the update!
  12. Any notes on windows 10 and VW? I installed it on my old/hobby pc, but not on my work-pc. Is it 'safe' to install it?
  13. Only 35 night's till the first of September... Exciting! (please don't release it on the 30st )
  14. +1 This would be very handy! https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=42054&Number=209264#Post209264
  15. Thanks Benson, The cube/illustration is made in VW and put together in Photoshop. rDesign: no offense taken, maybe an interactive display of highlighting sides, midpoints or corners when you hover over the cube in the OIP would be better? edit: maybe we can add this to other kind of objects as well like solid subtractions etc. Would be an easy way to move object in 3d space
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