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  1. thanks 2oaks, it was driving me mad trying to get that to work, didn't realise they'd moved that ignore checkbox to there I use it all the time for drafting 2D details at 1:5 over a base 1:50 model plan
  2. Actually found the problem, I was trying to open files that had synced to the Mac via Qsync from our NAS drive. For some reason they aren't compatible. Also jpeg images that came down thru Qsync wouldn't open. But when I transferred files with a USB they worked fine. However I'm returning it, lack of Enscape a deal breaker and also didn't find it any faster than my windows PC, actually slower for basic things like opening apps.
  3. bought a Mac M1 when I saw that VW 2022 optimised for it but I can't open any of my (windows) VW files, it won't recognise them even new files created in VW 2022 on my PC are not recognised and I have now discovered that Enscape isn't supported on a Mac - think I'll send it back
  4. Not of any help to you, but just to note I've been running VW on my Surface Book 2 without problems for quite a while (i7, 16Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 1050). Currently using VW 2020. Fairly heavy 3D models, just the occasional pause. Opening an Enscape window does cause the fan to start running fairly loudly though, otherwise works really well with an external monitor
  5. It would be great to have an option in open GL where you can have outlines on greyed objects attached screen shots show current view with a class greyed, and then the second is achieved by hovering over the greyed object with the visibility tool set it gives a much better easier to read view
  6. we get this error sporadically too when trying to save and commit - "The Administrator revoked your exclusive lock on that layer, and other users have subsequently committed changes on that layer. If you choose to continue, your uncommitted changes to that layer will be lost." The only work around that works for us is to save a copy as a vwx file, then quit the file, re-open it and choose revert. Then open the vwx file and copy and paste the changes back into the reverted project file The project sharing has been working much better since SP2 Mike VWA 2016 SP2 / Win 10 / i7-4790 @ 3.6 GHz / 16 GB RAM / GeForce GTX 970
  7. I'd like to be able to use a 2D symbol for the profile of an extrude along a path object. This way if you have several based on the same profile, you'd only have to change the profile once (within the 2D symbol) to change all instances For example handrails, spouting, you can have many EAP objects based on the one profile, but to change that profile you have to edit each object rather than just one profile
  8. we're on VW 2010 SP4 no dimensions, no parametric constraints, in top plan, etc suspect a bug as goes away on restart of VW
  9. have since found that quitting VW and re-starting stops the problem, for a while at least, then occurs again and any wall seems to be affected
  10. I'm having a similar problem, draw walls ok, but then if you try to stretch one of them them or join them you get an error message "This editing operation cannot be performed because of constraints on one or more objects involved" but there are no constraints
  11. don't worry, solved it, just realised that the class I was using was not set as solid fill in the use at creation graphic attributes
  12. for some reason my walls won't render in open gl or final quality rw unless they are converted to unstyled with the styled walls, the attribute pallette is greyed out so can't select solid, which seems to be needed even when created with textures used at creation, only show as wireframe when rendered, but if convert to unstyled, voila the texture appears see attached example any ideas Mike VW 2010 sp4
  13. try right clicking on the UpdateVectorworks.exe file and run as administrator (or shift-right click if you don't see this option)
  14. problem solved tracked it down to a bitmap logo in a title block not sure why, but it caused the output error having removed it, the PDF export works fine now
  15. search where, in VW or Adobe, and how? I've since installed Acrobat 9.0 (not just the reader) and it reports errors in the document, and will only display some areas when zoomed in
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