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  1. First, create a profile, in 2D, for the steel you want to use, and make a symbol of it, then use the Framing Member tool, create a object but load your profile with the Custom Profile option in the OIP.
  2. Update: There is a issue when you use the zoom with the MagicMouse, the zoom just go forever or if you stop the zoom, the lines don?t redraw correctly. The zoom works perfect when you use keyboard shortcuts to zoom....
  3. He need to use de Update Plugins command to ensure all plug in objects are imported correctly.
  4. If you use MacOS X, maybe you could do it with Automator, a easy scripting way, part of the OS.
  5. To make an ovoid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ovoid accurately you need to draw it using 2 circles and 2 arcs. Ovoid≠Elipse
  6. There is a "thing" going on in Nemetschek about Vectorworks and the cloud.. more info in english here. Planet Vectorworks Greetings....
  7. Remember, associative dimensioning only works if you made the clicks for creating it at the vertex of the objects..
  8. Yes, but you need a Mac with MacOS Classic, to extract the file, because is a SEA file, self extrating archive used way back in pre-Mac OS X Mac sistems.
  9. El foro ya no existe?. ha sido eliminado. Saludos
  10. Vectorworks 2009 seems to work just fine...
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