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  1. I wish to install Vectorworks on my Macbook Pro (w/out optical drive) and this presents a problem of how to accomplish. I have thought that it possible to make a dmg file (disk image) of the install disk on another computer and save that dmg file to an external drive and then trying the install to Macbook Pro from the dmg file previously saved on the external drive. Does anyone know if this will work? Or if there is another method which will work?
  2. Yesterday I sent a file to a colleague that was generated on VW 2008 (Architect), for the purpose of his rendering the file for presentation to the client. We have done this successfully for years. The difference now being that my colleague has upgraded to VW2011 and he is unable to apply textures to some objects (columns) and unable to insert into the walls custom objects (doors & windows) that he has created. In my copy of the file I can do these things, yet he is unable. Question: is this normal and how to work around? regards, Bert
  3. Many thanks Slatter. You are correct. Problem solved. Bert
  4. I have been working on a design drawing for several days in VW2008 and discovered this morning that the attributes and constraints palettes go to grey (not available) when I select any wall on the floor plan. This applies only to the walls all notes, dimensions, etc. are o.k. Any new walls that I draw exhibit this same behavior. How to give back attribute function to walls? Bert
  5. cadmando

    Layer Link

    I previously worked in VW12.5 and used layer link to extensively in both 2d & 3d, it is very useful. I am now working in VW2008 and can no longer create find the layer link command although in VW Help it reads "go to View and select Create Layer Link". Can anyone tell me how to create a layer link?
  6. I did try changing resolution as suggested but---no joy. The curved handrail and stringer are composed of large straight segments.
  7. The handrail and stringer generated by VW12.5 & VW2008 are composed of straight line segments and very clunky looking. The handrail tool in VW11.5 did create handrails that were smooth & curvilinear in appearance. Question: how to get VW2008 to create smooth & fair curves when creating a circular stair for a professional look to my drawing??
  8. Upgraded to VW2008Architect and can't access resource library. Resource browser does not show resources that i had in VW12.5. I try "find resource on disk"not finding much. Where textures? Props? Herman Miller? Marvin? Bert Mac OS 10.4.10
  9. cadmando

    HP 9800

    Katie, Thanks for the answer regarding design and sheet layers. The problems a several. Sometimes I will send a job to printer and after an interminable wait nothing! So i look in the printer setup utility and there is no job qued - as if I did not send. Other t imes I send a job to print and some part of the sheet is cut off while ther is stii paper to print on. I would try to print from a sheet layer buthave no idea of the best way to convert a design layer tpo a sheet layer. Tried creating a new sheet layer and copying & pasting a design layer to that---seems to be a bit more involved than that --some kind of scale thing. Perhaps you could suggest a method. Thanks Bert OS 10.4.10
  10. cadmando

    HP 9800

    What is the signifgance of printing from "design layer" or "sheet layer"?? In my ever and ongoing effort to get prints from a HP 9800 DeskJet; I have been asked this question by tech support and have noticed in forum post that the esteemed Katie has asked the same question. I wonder if there is some mystical quality attributed to printing from one or the other of these layers? I have been trying to print from "design layer" and seem to have earned bad Karma. No joy. Bert OS 10.4 VW 12.5
  11. I have a recurring and persistent printing problem; frequently when I send a VW file to print on the epson 1520 the printer will run a sheet thru without printing and then the "out of paper" light flashes. Sometimes pressing "Load/Eject" and feeding in a sheet will allow the file to print after pressing the "Pause" button - other times that sequence will not work and continued use of the "Pause" & "Load/Eject" buttons will set the printer into a frenzy of shooting out sheets of printed gibberish (may be programming language). To stop this it is necessary to pull the cord on the computer turn off the printer and then restart computer; next I open the Print Center and delete the job and start over. This does not always work as outlined herein. It is most frustrating; anyone else experience this? Have any advise? G4 - 1.2Ghz /.1200 Mb ram/ OS 10.2 /VW10.5 /Epson SC1520 with GimPrint Driver
  12. Poodle, If your local reprographics house has the VW Viewer, you can e-mail your VW files to him and he can then open and print as per your instructions. The e-mail factor saves a lot of time. Our reprographics guy is 35 miles distant, but when I am away (traveling) he is just as accessible. All that is necessary is a good phone line. cadmando MacG4 / VW 10


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