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  1. Probably a dumb question - but here goes. I have been the usual wall & roof tools etc in preparing documentation for small residential buildings. I am getting more interested in the 3D side of things and wondering what do VW users out there use Solids for in residential documentation. It looks as if solids can't be converted to walls etc. Just wondering (during lockdown).
  2. I havn't used my Vectorworks Architect 2010 for a long time. I am wondering whether I should try it again. Who here still use this version or older. Are there any issues with working with old versions in 2016? I don't need BIM. I only need to create construction drawings. I don't have funds to pay to upgrade to current version. Your comments are appreciated.
  3. Its Ok Mike I followed your advice and selected Architect ANZ. However the tick does not stick next to the Standards Palette. Walter
  4. Just tried that Pat and no change. When I select the Palette it does not stick as an arrow does not show against the Standards Palette. It works OK when I select / deselect other Palettes. Walter
  5. I tried that and the problem remains. Walter
  6. My Standards Palette has disappeared and will not reappear by selecting'Window > Palettes > Standards. Does anyone know how to get it to reappear? Walter VW Architect 2012 SP2 W7 Home Premium
  7. Dear Forum members I am a VW2008 (SP2 Bld. 83388) user and am experiencing problems with many fonts loaded on my PCs. The fonts either appear as the Arial font or do not print when I generate pdfs (using Export or Adobe v7. The problem does not occur when I use these fonts in DataCAD V12. The problem seems to go away when GDI+Imaging is turned off in the VW Preferences. However I cannot used opacity in my fills. I notice that there are many posts of a similar nature but no fix or workaround offered. Does anybody know if there a fix to this problem. Sincerely
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