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  1. Thank you! I was looking for a setting in the Windoor Object. Right click editing the 2d Component says the 2d component is generated by the plugin, but maybe it is generated under the hood somewhere. I can at least force the 2d to look like the 3d, provided I don't change the unit sizes.
  2. Is there a way to adjust the plan spacing of the Windoor glass block window, so that it matches the 3d settings? It drives me crazy that the plan units don't match the 3d units. I can't seem to figure out how to adjust. windoor glass block.vwx
  3. Unfortunately the units for the Space Tool settings are governed by the VW Document Settings - Units preferences. That means that if you set the rounding precision to the nearest inch, the model will show the same unit preferences in the Object Info Palette. This creates accuracy issues when modeling.
  4. I would use the custom selection tool, and select object by type, (which would be walls). But maybe there is a reason not to do it this way?
  5. It would be interesting to know what's parametric, and what is not in this model. Or is everything modeled...
  6. That said... We have gone a couple of Tuesdays in August without a teaser...
  7. Thanks @Tom W.. I don't think that solves my problem. The timber sill settings in VW and Windoor create some sort of wall element under the window frame (highlighted in pink). The product details in my first post are for a fairly basic Marvin fiberglass window; they show a sloped bottom frame. This provides space for a screen, and maintains a consistent profile. See product images below.
  8. How would folks use the parametric Window/Windoor tools to make a fairly typical double hung window configuration like this? I would like to slope the sill. I can't figure out how to do this in either Windoor or the VW Window tool. Also is there any way to control the offset of the meeting rails?
  9. Just an update/clarification. I don't see this as a problem, but it is something to be aware of. With 2023 SP-6, if you replace one wall with another wall definition, it will delete the annotations in the associated cell. For example, in the screenshot below, I deleted the E2 wall and replaced it with a newly defined E3 wall type. All the annotations in that cell disappeared when I refreshed the graphic legend. The other graphic legend cells were not affected. On the other hand doing something minor to the wall type does not cause the cell to reset. Changing the UL value from V348 to U348, did not cause the annotations to disappear. Editing the thickness of a R3 wall component also did not cause the annotations to disappear. Which is great. It is still a good practice, to maintain a seed file with your annotations. This is not that difficult to do since, walls are often reused from project to project.
  10. Here are a few files translated from the Sketchup 3d warehouse. While not perfect, they are a little more realistic. You could make them into symbols to get better plan representation. SKP Boulders.vwx SKP Boulders 2.vwx SKP Boulders 3.vwx
  11. It would be good if somebody would share a file or two of some better boulders. Something "broken up" would be awesome. Or something scanned / modeled from real life. If I had had the time, I would have scanned the rocks below... VW Resource Library Boulder 11 and 9, for example, have modeling/mesh problems that probably should be fixed. The remainder look lumpy and somewhat peculiar to my eyes. I am not a landscape designer, so I will defer to the experts on this one.
  12. I haven't thoroughly tested my file, but 2023 SP-6 Seems to have fixed many of my issues with disappearing Graphic Legend annotations. Thank you VW Team for making this a priority. Will keep exploring the functionality and let you know if I see anything.
  13. Thanks Tom. In the time since I posted, I concluded that it was probably easier not to insert skylights into a roof. And cut out the holes manually. Maybe a new version will improve the tools.
  14. Does anybody have a good trick to move skylights in a roof? I came across a video which seems to imply that skylights are easily moved in a roof face. However, whenever I click on an inserted skylight the whole roof moves as one element. The only way I can move a skylight is using the edit roof element dialogue box, which is difficult/counterintuitive.
  15. I am still having difficulties with the gap. Settings are as follows. File attached. test .vwx
  16. They were able to replicate the problems in the test files we sent. And I think they are working on a fix.
  17. It's been over three years since this wishlist item was posted. Is there another way to exclude ( aka "not draw") objects that are not part of a data visualization? In the plan image below, I would like the gray items which are not part of a certain railing assembly, to go away. There must be another way to define this.... '
  18. It's pretty easy to replicate this problem. 1. Full Graphic Legend with Annotations. 2. I edit the style. 3. Adding a rectangle to the Cell Layout does not affect the annotations. 4. However changing/editing the label does. In this instance I wanted to add a title field accessing the acoustic rating of the wall assembly. Et voilà!! Annotations magically disappear!
  19. I have a really annoying 3/8" gap between the wall and the edge of the window trim in Windoor. I thought that setting "Offset (3)" to zero would work. But nothing in this group of settings actually eliminates this gap. Is there another setting somewhere else?
  20. This post is sixteen years old. Is there a script or workaround to do align bottom of one object to top of another?
  21. Are folks using two monitors? For me on a mac, the curser issues manifest in the gamer mode when my second (non-laptop screen) monitor is set as the extended display. When I set it as the main display, I do not experience issues. I always thought this was just how this tool worked.
  22. I was having issues earlier. I had to reset the value a few times before my R-Value stuck. It finally reads 23...
  23. Thanks @Tom W. That seems to have done the trick. Now I have to copy back all my annotations that disappeared when I made the change! 😖
  24. No you can't. But VW really needs to implement this feature! It would bridge the gap between solid and parametric modeling.
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