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  1. I own an A3 printer but not a large format printer. I am having trouble saving PDFs for sizes bigger than A3 to be printed elsewhere. I have tried setting up a custom page for A2 & A1 but it keeps jumping to being more than 1 page both horizontally and vertically. If I set it to only 1 page the print size no longer shows as the correct size. "Exporting to PDF" and setting print as 1 page works rather than using print then "Save as PDF" but that means I cannot use Publish to print multiple pages I have the same problem on someone else's Vectorworks licence and computer and this seems to have been more problematic since VW 2022. I have tried downloading a driver for a large format printed but the driver is not showing in the printer options - presumably because I do not actually have the printer for it to recognise. Has anyone else had the same issue? Any solutions? Can anyone suggest a good generic large format printer? Thanks
  2. Hi all I had a hard drive file but was able to recovered the file using a recovery program - most of the files were extracted well but I was left with folders full of ZIP files - I do not use ZIP much so I suspected they were my VW files. I tried a couple of ZIP extraction programs but one said that the file was not in fact a ZIP file. The problem is that the VW files have been saved as ZIP files - presumably because the program did not recognise a VW file. I have tried changing the suffix from .zip to .vwx but Vectorworks still cannot open the file. i was able to "unzip" a file so that I could the images within the file confirming that these ZIP files are in fact VW files. Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?
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