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  1. The current system of setting up a User Origin for large sites and reference files is extremely cumbersome. Worst of all, it randomly sh*ts the bed and suddenly referenced files are misaligned. Please try to design a more intuitive user interface for this system and fix whatever bugs are lurking in the implementation.
  2. Over the last few years I've tried a few times to use Nomad, every time hoping that finally it would have been updated to do anything useful. Nomad never fails to disappoint. It seems designed to tick a checkbox on a marketing document (yes, we have a mobile app) and nothing more. A full version of Vectorworks of iOS is probably too much to wish for, but how about some basic functionality: 1 -- Able to open and manipulate any Vectorworks document in place from Dropbox/iCloud/server/etc. (no duplicating, processing, finicky PDF output, etc.); 2 -- Ability to take measurements, make markups, comments, etc.; 3 -- Basic editing; 3 -- Create basic documents? Even just in 2D would be nice for site measures, basic projects, RFI responses, etc. AR features, etc. all look great in marketing paraphernalia, but there are surly many more customer that would just like to get a little bit of work done on their mobile device.
  3. Support for non-Roman scripts (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, etc.) seems limited in many areas of Vectorworks. For example, it's impossible to use Japanese text in title block objects and worksheets. It would great to have parity of use between Roman and non-Roman scripts.
  4. I?d like to request the following improvements to design layer section viewports: i) Allow creation of design layer section viewports in any orientation (that is, not only perpendicular to the Top/Plan view). This would be useful for elevating sloped elements, for creating reflected ceiling plans, as an alternative way of cutting plans (as horizontal sections), etc. This is currently possible with sheet layers, but it would be greatly beneficial if the same flexibility were possible with deign layers as sheet layers are less useful for coordination and workgroup referencing workflows; ii) Allow design layer section viewports to remain correctly located in 3D space when the ?Display Flattened? option is selected. Currently, flattened section viewports are displayed as screen plane objects, which hinders coordination between 2D section information drawn in section and the 3D model; iii) In the ?Advanced Section Properties? dialogue, add options to display ?Objects Behind Section Plane?, in addition to ?Objects Beyond Section Plane?. The would allow for the easy display of objects dotted over (in plans) or behind (in sections) and for the easy creation of reflected views (RCPS, etc.).
  5. Out of curiosity: in what workflow would this be beneficial? For presentation purpose of course.... In addition to some presentation uses, it would also be useful for developing designs as follows; 1) create rough 3D model; 2) cut sections from model; 3) develop design in 2D sections; 4) refine 3D model by tracing developed 2D sections in 3D space; 5) repeat. This workflow is possible with non-flattened section viewports. However, it would be easier if the viewports could be flattened and remain correctly located in 3D space.
  6. Thank you for all of the information. VW 2015 is sounding like a great update. I have a few more questions: i) Will it be possible to create design layer section viewports that are non-perpendicular to the Top/Plan view, for elevating sloped elements, cutting RCPs and plans, etc? In VW 2014, I believe this is only possible with sheet layer section viewports. ii) Will it be possible to use flattened design layer section viewports in 3D space, rather than as screen plane only viewports (as in VW 2014)? iii) Are there any improvements to workgroup referencing?
  7. Thank you for all the information on VW 2015. I have a few more questions regarding the impending update: i) Will it make full use of high resolution (retina) displays? ii) Will it support multiple monitors and/or multiple simultaneous model views? iii) On OS X, does the move to 64bit mean that VW 2015 is now a Cocoa app?


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