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  1. i'm still waiting for the energos manual (how far is it?), but i can't see the flow resistance added (approaching and departing energy - 0.17 m2 k/w, and 0.04 m2 k/w, respectively). is it integrated in the calculations? or am i missing something? rob
  2. slanted walls, anytime? i hoped for the 2017 with it. my greatest wish at all. rob
  3. jim, the mac vs win usage percentages don't sum up to 100 rob
  4. jim, which market is this referring to? the u.s. one? or worldwide in general? rob
  5. i don't believe in a classing system that has no reference to the real objects, classified by national standards. do you guys in the u.s.a. have this connection to the omniclass naming convention? and how about the german version by computerworks? is there any link to any building elements' classification? rob
  6. hehe, and he is also not a german, but a bayer rob
  7. guys, check this site: http://roaringapps.com and you'll have your answers as for your apps' compatibility with different os versions. generally the new os's are more developed than the previous ones my switch from yosemite to el cap required a new huawei driver for my mobile modem, that was all. rob
  8. we're just examining the vw capability of creating infrastructure projects, with masses of earth decomposition and the likes. imho vw has to be able to handle very subtle terrain surface changes (impossible with a small amount of 3d loci), our software for landscape designers is hands down the best one on the market. the second thing is the exact calculation of the cut and fill masses. what does it help if i simplify the site surface ????? rob
  9. have you checked this below? https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=183510 rob
  10. ifc is not editable, dwg is. what does the owner want?
  11. a terrain model from vectorworks is a free form solid, and it exports well to the ifc. don't you guys test before you ask? as for the software itself: vectorworks (but equally any bim authoring software, including autodesk and bentley products) is not a model-to-fabrication software, and it requires a conversion or import into a specialized software for the final production. let's see things in a proper light. rob
  12. our advertising strategy for vectoroworks in poland is currently '2d or bim'. this duality is the best choice for architects still working traditionally on a flat plane, but in the back of their heads considering bim. plus, of course, fantastic design capabilities, placing vw on the first rank among the professional software packages for interior and landscape design. we are currently examining the vw suitability for the infrastructure design, taking into account the parametric solid modelling of the terrain (which is still lacking in products of other vendors). what we'll but not overcome is the possibility of the likes of civil 3d to design the street curves and the side slopes when it comes to the highway design, especially for the exits. we simply don't have the tool for that. and i don't think vw designer is of any value for smes or sole practitioners. they tend to concentrate on their specific business (using a branch module), at least here in poland. rob
  13. i'd rather edit the mapping from the pull-down menu in the oip, the ifc pset value would be the result. but it's just my view, it'd be a question to the programmers. from my perspective the architects are not willing to go too deep into the parameters, so the oip window would be a more obvious location. rob
  14. btw, the whole direction of 4d is going to use ifc entities for the process analysis (ifcworkschedule, ifcworktask, ifcrelsequence a.s.o.). the 5d future is also connected with the likes of ifccostitem and ifccostschedule. we will _have_ to use ifc for the construction processes...
  15. you mean the psets for classification, classification 2 and 3? i think we have to specify the assignment much earlier, along with the classing system mapping. and i don't agree that we don't need it. sooner or later the construction site will require the linking of the models and their parts to physical objects (that is, if the latter ones are a part of the classification system, too). rob
  16. ifc reimport is the silliest idea to deal with the ifc format. ifc is for reference only. rob
  17. good questions, i second this. rob
  18. before ifc may be used as an ubiquitous communication format there should be: 1) a common language for the bom (building object models) parameters throughout the whole process, enabling passing the information from the designers to the builders and giving the feedback back to the computers and bim authoring tools 2) an understanding, that native formats are not a good way to give information on somebody's own work, because the working on the same model by everybody is not likely to come (copy rights, professional insurance, a base for liability waivers in case of ipd contracts, security to use the outcome for decades etc., let alone the freedom to use any software tool any party may choose) frog, you've addresses the second issue, but we're dealing here with the first one. besides, the germans seem to wait for the norms and standards first, then to use them in a qualified process. rob
  19. imho the best strategy would be to port vw on ios. such ipad pro it's only some 0.7 kg weight and still an almost 13" display with a9 processor. the newest windows-based pcs have a touch screen already. a mouse will disappear in the long run. and back to the topic: i've operated vw on my 13" mbpro even without retina for some years. but you have to have good eyes, jim is right. rob
  20. i've thought about it once again, and i don't think that we should mess up with uniclass strings in the table entries' names. imho way better would be to set up some user-friendly names for the classing system (like 'door-interior' or the likes) and to make either a button, or a pull-down menu in the class dialog to make a link to the proper uniclass name (which consists mostly of digits)... what do you guys think? rob
  21. @rdesign i know this paper (actually a great description of the storeys' levels), but it's not about the classing system in general in vw. if you want to implement some national construction naming convention then you have to do it with a specific classing system. to be frank the most clear one for me is the us-imperial system in vw (like 'wall-exterior-insulation' a.s.o.), but it contains no coding appearance whatsoever. that's why the initial question in this thread is justified. rob
  22. i second this question, can somebody comment on this? rob
  23. christiaan, what are the integration actions on the uk market for the vectorworks app? this will be imho required for the data mapping in the real world between the computer standards (ifc, or native ones for the time being) and the building site classification (uniclass 2015, as for the uk), right? you use the int'l (us) version with all the gsa (omniclass) legacy, or do you have your own localization? rob
  24. there is already an omniclass module for gsa space occupation classification in vectorworks, and the uniclass reference for pricing. and probably there are many more links. actually in poland there is no compatible construction classification, so if we adopt uniclass (2015, yes, christiaan ) for our construction industry, and for polish vw localisation (which is just about to appear), then the classing structure according to uniclass namings would serve us well... rob
  25. omniclass is an american system. in the uk there is uniclass2, in benelux they use either stabu or older sfb, a.s.o. all those classifications do work in the national construction industries on the building site elements' naming level, but only a few of them are compatible with buildingsmart standards for digital data mapping. those standards include the format (ifc), process protocol (idm), and the dictionary (bsdd, being both mapping matrix and the browser - a development by the catenda company from norway). the best compatibility is provided by omniclass and uniclass2. rob
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