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  1. Thanks for such a response guys! I was busy so I couldnt check before, sorry for that. Answer on a last question. Contractor is ok with not-editable file, as long as it stays solid and can be used in Invenotr/Civil for adding new elements,layers. Thanks again for help!
  2. Thanks for quick reply. Yeah I already saw this thread, thats also why I am interested in this program also for the future. About export, it just has to be solid geometry (not a mesh), with right thickness of concrete or other materials set to the objects. After they will import it to Inventor or Civil they wont be changing my skatepark but will need it for other purposes unknown to me, but I guess like adding new layers, groundwork etc.
  3. Hi guys, I might be getting a project, drawing a skatepark. I could not found any other BIM program as easy as this one to draw organic shapes like bowls etc. The only problem is that the contractor sent me this email and I am not sure if Vectorworks is capable of exporting SOLID, that will stay solid in Invenotr or Civil as it is wanted by contractor. Please check the email text and tell me if I can do that with Vectorworks. email from contractor 5. Are we allowed to draw a 3D model of the skate park in Rhino? Are the engineers capable of reading Rhino files? We demand the use of BIM. We foresee problems when we use Rhino, that is exchanged as an .sat file. This will meet our demands for a concept design. However, information will get lost (the Solids volumes) when it is worked out in Civil and Inventor ( the programs used by the city of Amsterdam and on the Dutch market). The final design must be carried out in BIM, Civil or Inventor or a comparable program that can be read into Civil/Inventor without loss of data. 6. Are we allowed to draw plans and sections in classic flat 2D Auto CAD and communicate with the engineers in that way? Communication with the city of Amsterdam should take place in PDF. You may use a drawing program of your choice but the final design must be in BIM. I hope someone can help me with this! Thank you!
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