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    Pop Up Node - New question

    Thanks for the input. What I'm looking for is a way to feed the Pop up node with a variabel Integer ( Lets call it 12). This variabel Integer is generated by part of the network. The output of the Pop up is : if input == 1, then output = 12 if input == 2, then output = 2*12 if input == 3, then output = 3*12 etc. etc. I need the Integer 12 to be calculated by the network. So it could be any Integer. As far as I know it is not possible to have a node to change the script of the Pop up? So I was trying to use a List node. The List accepts the variabel Integer and the output is what I wanted ( 12, 2*12, 3*12, or 15, 2*15, 3*15, etc). But how do I select one of outputs the List ( like you do in a Pop up)? Sorry for my criptic question. Hope it makes sense. Thanks again.

    Pop Up Node - New question

    Is it possible to feed a Pop up node with information from a List node ? Or, is it possible to have a List node behave as a Pop up node ? Advise much appreciated. Thanks

    Pop up Node, How to ?

    Problem solved! I should have skipped the last 2 lines of script : #outputs self.Params.output.value=input

    Pop up Node, How to ?

    I would like to replace the Integer Dialog node with a Pop-up node. Let say 5 inputs and 5 outputs. : input ==2 , output = 1680, or input == 3, output = 2520 etc. I can not find an example of how to write the script for the Pop-up node to implement this, so I came up with this (See attachment), but the input does not generate an output. Help is much appreciated, thanks. (I'm new to Marionette, but that is obvious :-)

    Multiple records in 1 marionette script

    Hello Wouter, I'm new to Marionette ( first steps some weeks ago). Trying to make (for the fun of it) a script for a 'cabinet design". So far so good. Was trying to make a script so all parts of the cabinet would be named in a worksheet, incl. dimensions etc. No results. According to my VW Dealer this can't be done in Marionette. Ran into your script. Looks promissing. Trying to figure it out. Q: can you show me how to you link the different networks to each other ( objects to records and records to worksheet)? Sorry to bother you with a newbee question, but one have to start somewhere 🙂 Best regards, Jan Willem Henssen (Interior) Architect and Furniture Designer

    Vectorworks architect 2016 and Archicad

    Zoomer, Indeed. I do not care much aslong as I get the 3D geometry imported. But for the moment I have given up on the idea of importing the ArchiCad files. No time left to experiment. I have a deadline in 2 weeks from now. We will have tot improvise. Thanks again to all of you for your help. regards, jan willem henssen

    Vectorworks architect 2016 and Archicad

    I will give it an other try. I found out the export/save as options ArchiCad 13 has. ArchiCAD 13 Solo Project file (.PLN), Project archive (.PLA), and template (.TPL) ArchiCAD 12 Project (.PLN) file ArchiCAD object (.gsm) version 25 (ArchiCAD 13- equivalent) ArchiCAD object script (.GDL) ArchiCAD drawing file (.PMK) through the publisher when publishing Views PDF DXF DWG (2000-2009 format, 2D only) DWF IFC 2×3, IFC 2×3 compressed, IFC 2×3 XML, IFC 2×3 XML compressed IFC 2×2 through Goodie tool 3DS 3D studio file SKP and KMZ (through the Google earth Connection add-on, on 32-bit Windows OS only) C4D (Cinema4D v 11/11.5 files through the Cinema 4D add-On) – 2D and 3D content OBJ Wavefront file (3D) EPX Piranesi File (3D) FACT ElectricImage file (3D) WRL VRML file (3D) ATL ArtLantis Render Studion file 2.0 and 3.0 (3D) U3D file (3D) various image formats (SGI, PSD, BMP, JPG, JP2, PNG, PCT, TIF, TGA, QTIF) When I compare this to the import options of VW2016 I find only DWG,DFX,DWF,IFC,OBJ as a match. DWG en IFC we tried in various setups but in vain. So only DXF and DWF are left for the next try-out? Keep you posted :-)

    Vectorworks architect 2016 and Archicad

    Thank you. I was hoping I could somehow translate them to editable Extrudes or something. The Deform tool is not accurate enough ( e.g. change thickness of object from 20 mm to 18mm). Edit Mesh could work, but is very time consuming. I'm afraid I have to find an other way around. E.g. all the interior/furniture work in ArchiCad and VW Architect for floorplans, elevations, sections ans so on . Thanks again for your time.

    Vectorworks architect 2016 and Archicad

    Hi Tim, The interior designer works with ArchiCad 13 on a Mac and has no SketchUp .SKP export possibility. But thanks anyway.
  10. IJSSEL

    Vectorworks architect 2016 and Archicad

    Thanks Zoomer, I have managed to translate the Archicad DWG drawing (a simple cupboard) into into a few VW meshes. I can place textures or colors but I can not edit the dimensions of these meshes. Maybe I'm asking for the impossible ?
  11. IJSSEL

    Vectorworks architect 2016 and Archicad

    Hi Wes, Thanks. I can not read his DWG Arcicad translation. VW-architect 2016 imports his DWG files as a 3D symbol
  12. For a project I have to work together with an interior designer who uses ArchiCad for his 3D furniture design. I can not find a way to import his files in to my Vectorworks drawings. Is there a work-around or an other way to import his drawings ? Appreciate your advise. regards, jan wilem henssen
  13. I did a reinstall but first had to get a new file for Fundamental, Architect and Renderworks 2012. My original 2012 DVD is not compatible with Mountain Lion. Also installing SP4 took some special steps, but all is working fine now. Thanks for your advise.
  14. Hello Jim, Thank you. But no, I did not moved VW out of its original folder. I was wondering if I should deinstall VW and reinstall from the DVD. After that update with SP1, 2, 3,and 4 ?
  15. VW 2012 Architect does not start up anymore. After opening the application I get the message : "there was an error reading your user preferences. Preferences will be reset to factory defaults." When I click OK I get the message : "could not find the factory default preferences in Vectorworks Preferences.xml" Please reinstall Vectorworks ". Anybody of you has an idea what is going on and how to solve this problem ? Much appreciated. Jan W. Henssen VW2012 Architect, Renderworks, SP4, OsX 10.8.5


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