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  1. Valve nodes work like that ( I think.) You could use 2 Filter nodes and and 1 Yes NO Dialog ( call it 'X MIRROR). The OIP gives you the choice between X Mirror or No ( No will give you the Y-Mirror). mirror.vwx
  2. Okay. I understand. Well, who knows, maybe someday we will have a workable solution. Thanks again for your time. Much appreciated.
  3. That would be great. Whenever you have time for this. And again, thank you so much for your help !
  4. What I want to achieve is having a Pop up node in the IP which gives me 4 choices : 2D/Plan, Front, Right Iso, Left Iso. I was trying to find out if the Set View Matrix node would do the trick but don't know ( so far) if this is the way to go. Any help appreciated 😊
  5. Marissa, thank you! Works like a charm. I was not familiar with the use of the Equals node. Problem solved.
  6. I have four Valve nodes managing the output of four List nodes. Each Valve node is controlled by a Yes No Dialog. Instead of four Yes No Dialog nodes I would like to have a Pop up Dialog with four choices so I can skip the Yes No Dialogs. Can this be done ? Thanks . Jan Willem Henssen
  7. Yes, this is great, thanks a lot. I'm looking forward to the improvements. The first two on your "list" are (in my case) the most important ones. I'm now playing with the rotation tool (after I Extrude the 2D Trapezoid) to get it the way I want. Best regards
  8. Marissa, thank you. I think a Trapezoid Node would do the trick. I was experimenting with the Boolean Node and also with the various Vertex Nodes. But no results. Best regards, Jan Willem Henssen
  9. Dear Marissa, Hereby a screenshot Mitre 45º.tiff
  10. Is it possible to change the Angle of one or more sides of a 2D Rectangular Polygon. I'm trying to create a Mitre ( 45º). Steps : 1- Network creates a rectangle ( 20x600mm). 2-- Change it into a Polygon. 3-- Create a Mitre on the small side ( 20mm). Appreciate idea's. Regards
  11. IJSSEL

    Yes/No Dialog

    Yes, the Valve Node. It works👍 Thank you @sbarrett and @marissaFarrell
  12. The network I'm working on creates different parts of a (wall) cabinet. I would like to have the choice of a "yes/no' dialog for certain parts of the cabinet. Like : Doors- Yes or No, Bottom Shelf- Yes or No etc. I tried the 'YesNo Dialog Node' but can't figure out how and where to connect it into my network. The Node has only an output connector, no input. Any help much appreciated.
  13. Lost my Worksheet, I thought. But does not show up when not activated, of course. Bit of black-out overhere. To many long hours behind my screen 😣
  14. Yes, I will do. Just found out that it will render in Renderworks Final but not in OpenGL.
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