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  1. Here's an example file of how I would approach it. I've included both VW2023 and VW2022 versions since your signature shows VW2022. The great thing about lofting is you can go from curve pair to curve pair without switching to the selection tool to select the curves you want to work on. KM VW Board Extract.vwx VW Board Extract v2022.vwx
  2. The easiest way would be to draw the missing surfaces. Make sure your plane is set to layer or automatic and you'll get the correct snaps. Then use Stitch and Trim to create solids. Alternately, you could extract all the surface as planar polylines, convert them to NURBS which creates NURBS curves, and then loft between the pairs of NURBS curves to create solids of each piece. Kevin
  3. I use paste in place all the time. Is the earlier version you're testing in pre-layer plane / screen plane? I usually only see anomalies in situations where the user origin has been moved, inside symbols (moving to or from), inside extrudes (moving to or from) and sometimes when the plane you were on doesn't exist (eg. pasting from sheet layer to design layer or the other way). Kevin
  4. Seems like something to bug submit to find out why it's happening. KM
  5. Allan it doesn't look like you're rendering it in hidden line, which is were the anomalies show up. Benson, I only get one of the two anomalies on my system. Kevin
  6. I would encourage you to submit it as a bug. The only way the tool will get better is if someone looks at it. I have had accuracy issues with unwrapped surfaces in the past and tend to use Rhino now and export back to Vectorworks. Accuracy is important 🙂 Kevin
  7. Do they show up in sheet layer viewports? I've seen stuff like you're showing in some of my models. They tend to be ok in sheet layer viewports rendered in hidden line. Kevin
  8. I've never seen this option. I regularly need to align textures across multiple objects. Usually I use the Attribute Mapping Tool and snap textures to a common point. Kevin
  9. This would be super useful. I'd almost wish for multiple states for all objects..... rather than just for doors. Kevin
  10. Such a good how to by @Benson Shaw!! Love it. This is how I would do it too. Kevin
  11. There should be a simplified Bug Submit form for anyone who has an online account with NV. That would make the first three fields irrelevant. If you could Bug Submit directly from Vectorworks, then entering your version / service pack would also be irrelevant. I dislike that the system doesn't copy back your submission to you, so you have a record. Kevin
  12. It does it for me here, but only in perspective. It may be a bug but I've seen something similar happen in C4D. I think its related to how the viewport camera works in perspective. Kevin
  13. I wish this dialog that pops up when you're renumbering sheet layer viewports and you try and reuse a number would have a "always do the selected action" checkbox. My answer is always yes and I never want to see this dialog box again. As I renumber viewports I can see the whole sheet and am aware of my choices 🙃 Thanks, Kevin
  14. It would be great to improve the Replace Symbol process. There are way too many clicks right now and the first dialog only seems to be there to allow for the "replace class" option. It's all very cumbersome if you use it regularly. It also seems to hang briefly when you click to see the symbol browser. Wishes - - Replace Symbol should instantly open the resource browser style selection window. - When you right click on a symbol there should be the current "Replace" and a "Replace Again" which uses the last replacement symbol with no dialog at all. - You should also be able to have a symbol selected, open the resource browser and right click on a new symbol to get the "Replace" option. Please look at this command with the lens of simplify, simplify, simplify 😊 Thanks, Kevin
  15. Sheet layer viewports need to be able to look at symbols. I and others have wishlisted it in the past. @Matt Panzer has acknowledged the need here in the past but I don't think its made it onto the roadmap..... Kevin
  16. I've seen a bit of this (not lighting fixtures) in the current SP. Rendering seems somewhat buggy in this particular SP release. KM
  17. I've seen something similar with 3d models - random triangulation into space from all the geometry. Also in the latest SP for VW2023. The graphics of this SP aren't particularly stable. Kevin
  18. Has anyone ever managed to integrate a Vectorworks model with a Matterport model? Lots of theatre companies have virtual tours using the Matterport front end. It would be interesting to integrate a set design into one of these venue scans. Kevin
  19. It would be great to have support for WebP files. I've been getting them from clients and Vectorworks sees them as graphic files but they cause it to crash. I'd like to prevent the crash if I could, so if they're not supported, they shouldn't be available. I've gotten all the way through the process of creating a new texture with a WebP file, only to have Vectorworks crash when you click ok to create the texture. (Part of the challenge is that if you convert a WebP file to a PNG in Photoshop it still crashes Vectorworks. You need to convert it to a JPG.) Kevin
  20. I'd use folders too.... if you can expand the list like a nested class a folder is the same as a divider.... I could also use both of these for sheet layers too.... Kevin
  21. I use divider layers all the time. Formalizing it would be great..... Kevin
  22. Hello all, Are there known slowdowns with the Vectorworks servers? These forums have been incredibly slow to load over the last fews days and I'm also having trouble upgrading to the recently released service pack. The updater is very slow to download the update and I've given up a few times. It reaches about 30-40 percent and then slows to a crawl. I'm guessing everyone is off on Thanksgiving and hasn't noticed. Kevin
  23. We so need this consistent offset. It would make things so much faster. Kevin
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