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  1. Awesome! Now show me that the viewports don't jump back to the centre of the page when you change their view. Or viewports that don't renumber when you duplicate a whole sheet.... Kevin
  2. This looks awesome. I"m guessing @Stephan Moenninghoff was involved. Can I dock a tool bar across the top yet? I've used horizontal tool bars forever and this has been my biggest wish.... Kevin
  3. Yes, Command [ on a Mac. I use it all the time. Something everyone should know how to do! Kevin
  4. My 2 cents from doing a lot of this type of thing - always do the clipping with 2d polylines first, then extrude. Using solid subtractions is less reliable for the cutout work. Remember you can edit a polyline's cutouts using Command [ (Mac). Kevin
  5. Thanks Joseph, Really this is all about point of view. As users we feel its been abandoned. As a company you feel its not a priority. The first post about this was years ago. I can and have built submission forms on my own website in under an hour. Also, to clarify, we're not looking for a reply, we're looking for an acknowledgement that the submission was received and a way to track it for future followup. Yes, we can do this if we submit through the service select email address but many of this pre-date that by many years (I've used Vectorworks since Minicad 5). Kevin
  6. Given how long this has been going on and if I had to guess, I would say there's some sort of integration with Vectorworks planned or in process so they're ignoring the problems with the Bug Submit form. NNA tends to ignore items that have been deemed EOL internally but isn't very forthcoming with the information that its happening or what the future plan is..... There was lots of interest a few years ago when someone posted about the live bug submission process for OnShape. Kevin
  7. Its been behind for a while... It certainly does feel abandoned. And it doesn't reply to let you know your submission was received. Kevin
  8. You could also do it using the Purge command using the options for coincident objects. Kevin
  9. ^ I think that depends upon which render modes you are using. I believe shaded render mode uses the VGM for both design layers and viewports. Not sure about hidden line in the design layers, I think it may be a legacy renderer. Hidden line for viewports was converted to the VGM recently. Kevin
  10. I'd forgotten about that post. I think all of those instances were in the design layer though, not in viewports.... KM
  11. I thought I'd try using the Smart Options Display and found that four different quadrants is too much. Does anyone else find it odd to display an X as part of the interface when you turn quadrants off? It seems to go against the idea of turning things off to simplify the Smart Options Display. Kevin
  12. Are you able to post a file? In your original post you describe how you made the object. How did it become a generic solid? Did you convert it? Otherwise it may have become corrupted. Here's an image with some comments about the lines. Kevin
  13. I would try toggling on/off the "Display planar objects" and "Project screen objects) checkboxes for your viewport. If they disappear then they are likely somewhere in your model. The quickest way to find them might be to draw another line in the design layers and use the select similar tool with the options set to Object Type to select it and all other lines. Kevin
  14. Clearly this is an issue that hasn't been resolved. I installed MacOS Ventura today and all versions of Vectorworks on my machine are giving me a "damaged" message. I know some of the versions are probably not compatible but even Vectorworks 2023 gives me the message. All my other software seems fine. Kevin
  15. ^ this is almost certainly true. Stitch and Trim from NURBS surfaces is usually the best option if you want to create a solid object from a collection of surfaces (NURBS or 3d polys you convert to NURBS). Kevin
  16. @Benson Shaw is right that the file would definitely help us propose solutions. I think I would try extracting the front face as planar surfaces, using the face mode of the Extract tool, and then using Add Surface to join everything together into one surface. From there you just extrude the surface. If you want to remove the facets around the opening you could go back in and edit the polyline (Command [). This gives you access to the cutouts which you could redraw using circles and squares combined with Add surface. (Everyone should learn about editing polylines with Command [. It's very useful.) Kevin
  17. Ok, it turns out this bug has gotten even worse. Now if you change the scale of a viewport it jumps to the centre of the page too 😟 @Andy Broomell is it doing this for you too? Kevin
  18. Good tip. I often switch to wireframe. Snaps are better as is clarity. Rendered "greyed" objects are pretty much useless in my experience. Kevin
  19. Bumping this. @JuanP or anyone at Vectorworks, will this bug ever be fixed? It costs a lot of time in realigning viewports. Kevin
  20. Bumping this wish. Navigation should not be tools. So basic. Every other 3d program I have now subscribes to this theory except Vectorworks..... This wish was EIGHT years ago. Kevin
  21. Hello, I've recently noticed some issues rendering soft goods in shaded rendering mode. Its of concern because drawings now show incorrect information or some soft goods are missing entirely. Here are some examples - Wireframe and Shaded side by side in the design layers. Note some soft goods don't display all the way to the top and ones set to Simple 3D disappear completely. Similar issues show up in sheet layers. They improve slightly when I dial up the sheet layer resolution but this isn't really a practical solution for file size. I've attached a PDF. Are others seeing these issues? I most often use the Simple 2D and Simple 3D options when drawing softgoods to indicate goods hung flat without fullness. @C. Andrew Dunning this may also be occuring with your tools. If others are seeing this too I'll file a bug. Kevin Softgoods Section Test.pdf Softgoods Section Test.vwx
  22. Thanks for the followup. I checked the polyline at the time an it seemed ok. It looks like I deleted the offending object. If I see this again I'll file it as a bug. Kevin
  23. Has anyone else seen this type of display anomaly recently, where a 2d polyline displays differently in Top/Plan and Top views? This is the first time I've seen it and it remained even after pasting into a clean file which leads me to believe it may be a bug. Kevin
  24. I would love to learn. I have used C4D to make things like flags in the past. My license is quite old (R18 I think) but its still a useful tool. Kevin
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