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Can VW make use of an i9?

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I've spec'd out a Dell xps17 with an i7-12700H processor, RTX 3060 and 64gb ram.


They also have the i9-12900HK --- but I don't know if VW can even make use of it?


Oddly, they both have 14 cores... (I'm not sure if VW can even make use of multicores or hyperthreading?)


The Cinebench r23 scores are really not that far off:

i7-12700H    S-1815     M-18501

i9 12900HK  S-1898    M-18266







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The common wisdom says to grab the fastest single core processor for most of the software processes, except rendering.  Makes sense if most of the program can’t use the horsepower.


In practice, edits to site models, solid models, and worksheets sure don’t seem to use more than a single core and poke along no matter the computer spec it would seem.

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My laptop uses an i7, and here is a performance monitor screenshot of VW2023 rendering on 16 cores. The single speed thinking is a flat earth idea in todays processing world (IMHO). My 48 core dual Xeon workstation makes quick work of most of the modelling I do; I can't imagine using a single core with todays computer architecture and VW's Parasolid Kernal. 




2X Xeon 24 core; 1024 GB DDR4; SuperMicro MB; 2x 1TB SSD; NVidia Titan XP 16 GB GPU; VW2023 Architect



image (3).png

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As has been said, faster single core performance is the most important thing for VW performance (rendering aside however which can use up to 16 cores).


For a long time VW could only use 3 cores but this limit seemed to be raised in VW2021.


Seems that the difference between the two is i7's 4.7GHz vs i9's 5.0GHz. VW can take advantage of this, but whether its worth the extra $195 is up to you!


Either way it will be a really nice computer to use I'm sure.

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@_James I went with the i912900HK and it seems to work pretty well with a 32"monitor and with VW and Photoshop running concurrently.


It's my first Dell and I have to say I'm pretty happy.


Not that I haven't had issues....

I had crazy overheating starting about 10 months after I purchased it... computer was ramping up to 85C at idle!

It would even wake itself up in the middle of the night and then shutdown from overheating - with nothing running and no one in the office.


Oddly it cooled right down to 45C if I was running VW or Photoshop.


Talked to tech support for about a month trying to figure it out.

In the end they replaced the motherboard and that fixed the issue.

I was impressed that they sent someone out to my office (I'm pretty rural and it's a multiple hour drive from the nearest city) and that they scheduled the onsite tech for the next day.

Pretty solid customer service.



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