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  1. Unbelievably helpful. That is a lot of heavy lifting to sort out the directory nuances. Thank you! I was just preparing to try and use PyCharm for debugging after tearing my hair out on a script. This prevented tearing my hair out on - the debugging!
  2. Can you wrap a network inside a wrapper to create a hierarchy of operations, or???
  3. I have a whole building design tree in place in Marionette, and it runs in a document template that produces a set of working drawings. I am trying to somehow link the roof framing (and later wall framing) tools to the Marionette tree, so one click will generate the framing sheets, too. Cory Supermicro X9 dual Xeon 2697 w/768GB DDR3; Titan Xp 24gb Nvidea and background Tesla 80 (I do mixed reality development for Architecture).
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