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Teigha Library Error



VW2013 on Windows 10


Exporting from VW2013 to AutoCad DWG2013. Got "Teigha Library Error" message. Tried 2011-2013 ; 2007-2008-2009, and got same error. Filenames have no forbidden characters. Associated files were copied to the folder, but no DWG file. I don't know what the Teigha Library is. But I haven't had that error before. How could Teigha be "open in another application? I assume it's part of VW2013.


Yeah, I know 2013 is old, but I am too. Long retired, only do a couple of projects a year. Got 17 drawings to export. So any suggestions will be appreciated.

Teigha Error.JPG

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10 hours ago, JMR said:

Usually this error occurs if the DWG file being exported is open in some DWG viewer application or other CAD application.


Might be worth trying a simpler export path on your local computer (if possible) too.




Thanks for the reply. But the only app open is VectorWorks. The export path is to a folder within the same project folder as the VA app. Any other ideas????


I assume the Teigha Library in VW2013 is out of date --- even for older versions of DWG (2000). But the Forum indicates that even VW 2018 was having the same error, in 2018. I looked for a "Teigha Library" folder under Vectorworks 2013/Libraries, But found nothing there or in Add-Ons. I even looked at Task Manager to see if Teigha might be running in the background.


Does anybody know how to update a component of VW? I downloaded the File Converter linked below. But I don't want to risk damaging VW, by executing the updater without knowing what it will do.


Upgrading VW to a subscription is not an option, because I'm retired and don't use it enough to cover the cost.





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