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A year since the last update, here's the new version, free for old registered users.

It includes, among many other news and improvements, the support for materials.


The new version (5) is only for Vectorworks® 2022


Full changelog on the site at the link below:





  • New profiles libraries:
  1. Fypon (Fypon Mouldings Search Page)
  2. Dykes (Dykes Mouldings Browse Catalog)
  3. Updated Signorini catalog
  4. Now the full library contains than 2300 profiles!


  • New Plugin object named  Cannetè meaning a particular decorative technique characterized by a series of narrow repetitive half rounds / grooves / rects along a path.
  • New menu tool Canneté Calculation to compute canneté elements in the current layer, subdivided by section's size. User can give the length of the rod the elements are cut from and the program returns the number of rods needed, along with a detailed cuts list.
  • New menu tool Siding Calculation to compute sidings elements. As the above, but for sidings elements.
  • All plugins objects include material control (a check box), as well as a better management of the textures (in the texture panel of the OIP). Classes support is still available, of course.
  • Frame (Rectangular) plugin (and Frames (Array) plugin) now include the 'None' item in the frame profile popup.
  • Frame (Array): new Rail at base (extra) parameter, to increase just the rail at base. Also you can have a Frame (Array) object with styles and rails without necessarily set a frame, just set the frame profile to "None" in the profile popup (see above).
  • Improved path management for PIOs using paths, such Moulding on 2D Path and Moulding on 3D PathEasily import / exchange paths choosing from a wide variety of objects (lines, rects, arcs, polygons, polylines etc.).
  • You can also use the tools NURBS to Moulding or 2D Path to Moulding to convert many kind of objects (lines, rects, arcs, polygons, polylines etc.) respectively into Moulding on 3D path or Moulding on 2D path plugin objects. Especially for Mouldings on 3D path, you can draw / compose 2d shapes in a 3D working plane (for example a rectangle onto a door panel), then create a moulding out of it! 
  • Bug fixing. Error founds have been corrected.




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