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SYMBOL IN WALL - correct wall closure

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I am looking to find way to set up correct wall closure for custom opening. It is wall opening with stepped edges and am using symbol to cut it out.


At the moment finish components of wall style stop where edge is stepped and will not wrap around to the desired place...tried different wall hole and wall closure components for symbol but no success so far...


Here is case:

view from one side (purple - finish component, gray - core, green - finish component)


view from other side


This is current state:






and this is objective:




Is it achievable using one wall style combined with custom symbol with wall hole and wall closure component?

Would like to hear your suggestions.







00_current state1.png

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What would happen if you used your wall hole/wall closure symbol just to form the smaller opening in the wall + to get the components to wrap up to the insert, then you clipped the larger opening as a second operation using a Wall Recess? Not sure if this would work. Plus with a Wall Recess you wouldn't get the component wrapping on the soffit of the opening, just the sides.


@Matt Panzer will know the answer... 


This is just an opening then a wall recess:





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I saw that video + thought it was very good too. It should be far easier to find these things on the University. I've been watching a few of the 'Coffee Break' videos but it seems pot-luck whether you find them or not. There were several I'd earmarked for watching + now I go back + they're nowhere to be seen...

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I don't think there's a way to do this with wall closures.  This is certainly a gray area between wall closures and wall recesses.  Unfortunately, I don't think either can quite do what you're after.  However, we do want to make improvements to wall features (and further implements to wall closures) that could provide this capability in the future.

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I suggest to create  a hybrid symbol who you model auto hybrid object near parametric object. You can reference everything on the symbol x y z parameter. Then you can create a big symbol when you manage also the 2D hole. If there are part between wall and symbol who don't get well you can adjust them by continuingmodelng and autohybrid. I suggest to use material, so you can have the right representation on sections. Is not very smart but works

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