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Script over line 810 can not be saved ?


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In Vectorscript there is a 32K limit to the amount of text the Script Editor can hold for scripts stored in a Script Palette. One way around it is to use an $INCLUDE statement in the script's main text body to reference the script's external location for the Pascal compiler. The compiler can handle much more than 32K bytes. It may be that you've run into the same text size limit in your Python script. Using an external editor check the size of your 810 lines to see if this is true. If it is, you will have to break you script into smaller chunks and import them into the main script.



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Especially if working on PIOs, having the base script be nothing but an $INCLUDE of an external  document that you can edit with an external editor is the better way to work.


It saves you multiple steps to be able to get back to the script to edit.


Just make sure you have Run Scripts in Developer Mode selected in the Session panel of Vectorworks Preferences. This will force the script to compile on every run so it will import any changes you make in the external editor.

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