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Hi everyone, I don't seem to be able to find a node that can create symbols. I did manage to find one that was written by domc, but it only creates a symbol in 3d space. Code is below.


Is there any way i can modify the configuration so that the objects being inserted go to 2d space, not 3d? I am trying to create a marionette program that creates symbols from groups - that have certain records. There has been other ones that have been done with creating symbol by object name (including groups) but it only works on single objects, groups do not show up in the 2d annotation space, thus disappearing


#DomC v001

class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):
    By = 'DomC';import datetime; now = datetime.datetime.now(); y80f5 = now.year;m80f5 = now.month; d80f5 = now.day; h180f5 = now.hour; mi180f5 = now.minute; s180f5 = now.second; ms180f5 = now.microsecond; h280f5 = h180f5-12 if h180f5 >=13 else h180f5; VersionChange1 = str(y80f5)+' '+str(m80f5)+' '+str(d80f5); VersionChange2 = str(y80f5)+'-'+str(m80f5)+'-'+str(d80f5)+'-'+str(h280f5)+'-'+str(mi180f5);
    TextStatic = Marionette.OIPControl( By +' v'+VersionChange2, Marionette.WidgetType.TextStatic, "")
    this = Marionette.Node( "Create Symbol" )
    this.SetDescription( 'Creates a new Symbol' )
    h_obj =  Marionette.PortIn(vs.Handle(0))
    h_obj.SetDescription( "symbol content (one object) if empty, an empty 3D (3D Locus) symbol will be created" )
    s_name = Marionette.PortIn('Symbol-1')
    s_name.SetDescription( "the symbol name" )
    s_sym = Marionette.PortOut()
    s_sym.SetDescription( "the result symbol name" )
    h_sym = Marionette.PortOut()
    h_sym.SetDescription( "handle to the newly created symbol" )

def RunNode(self):
    obj = self.Params.h_obj.value
    name = self.Params.s_name.value
    h = vs.LNewObj()
    h_sym = vs.GetObject(name)
    vs.SetParent(obj, h_sym)
    self.Params.s_sym.value = name
    self.Params.h_sym.value = h_sym



I think the problem lies with the create symbol node. See screenshots below. Seem like i just need a create symbol node with more properties, or just a 2d symbol node.


1. Design layer space




3d view space



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