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Multicell fixtures in worksheets and datatags

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As of now there's only one way to show the data of the second, thirth or fourth cell of a fixture, and thats by using the legacy fixture legends of Vectorworks Spotlight. We've stopped using these legends a while ago and started using Data Tags for this purpose, which seemed way more flexible at the time since and still works way faster than manually editing the placement of 3D Fixture Legends.

Now I've started to make some multicell fixtures but theres no way to show the data of the second, thirth, forth and so forth cell.. There's no way to define a dynamic text block to grab the data from these cells, and the same goes for worksheets (patchsheets) and .CSV or .XLS exports from Vectorworks. Which makes the multicell feature kind of useless for our usecase.

For example, I've got a multicell 4-light blinder. The left and the right side have different circuit numbers and different DMX adresses. If i wanted to make a detailed dimmer patch worksheet for this, I can only show the first cell.

Are there any workarounds for using multicell fixtures? The only way to make complete patch sheets now is to duplicate the multicell fixture on a hidding design layer (and I have to make sure this hidden layer isn't included in any count worksheets).

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On 12/6/2021 at 1:08 AM, JeroenSnoeijen said:

legacy fixture legends of Vectorworks Spotlight


That's a very scary phrase. Since when did Label Legends become "legacy"?  Many thousands of workflows are based on them.  Adjusting individual fields is easier to do than with data tags.  With the right tools, moving graphic edits among selected fixtures is easier than with data tags.  I have know issue with people using data tags instead of Label Legends if it fits their workflow.  I do not know data tags well, but the loss of Label Legends is a truly frightening thought.

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Hi Sam, let me put that differently. It was not my intention to offend anyone with that, I don't mean that label legends aren't useful.. I can see it's a useful way to way to show all the fixture information you need in some worksflows. When we started working with Vectorworks 3/4years ago Data Tags became more useful to us in more and more situations.

Nevertheless, the labels legends are the only way to display information about the other cells. I can live with that, but I think it is very important to be able to include it in worksheets.

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Hi folks: Just catching up. I'm behind in my vw2022 builds, but i just ran an experiment on a 3-cell striplight. while the current OIP method of handling 2D label legends on multi-circuit are byzantine, confusing, time-consuming, and work-flow interrupting - again, this may have gotten streamlined in later builds - i was able to produce a 3-circuit striplight, with three separate label legends - one for each circuit. Each label legend accurately displayed the correct data color, channel, and purpose, and i presume if i added more information into the label legend it would have displayed that data as well. When i was testing this last spring, i was so agog by the reverse engineering on multicircuit data entry in the OIP, I sadly didn't even experiment with label legends. Back to the present: i've now edited the label legend three times, and the resulting "unit number" data field is *still* not graphically reflected in the drawing, where i placed it in the label legend layout. Jeroen, while i think you may not be totally accurate in your criticism of label legends, i agree that your general assessment regarding multicircuit data and label legends workflow needs a *lot* of help.

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