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  1. The title of this topic discribes my issue pretty well. When using the Reset Braceworks ID's command from the dropdown menu, all of the distributor ID's get cleared. Took me a while to realise what the issue was. Before resetting Braceworks ID's: After resetting Braceworks ID's: Is anyone experiencing the same?
  2. Hi Nikolay, I'll send you the file in private chat.
  3. Here's a screen recording of whats happening: Edit: I'm using Vectorworks 2022 SP3 Build 636848. Same issue on both Windows and Mac. This issue existed also in previous builds.
  4. Hi everyone, I have a issue with editing worksheet database criteria. When adding lines in the "Edit criteria" window, the dropdown menu's stop working after line 3 or 4. My current workaround is to edit the criteria in the database line. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?
  5. Adding a option to only apply datatags to symbols within the clipcube bounding box would be a great timesaver! I hope this feature will be up for concideration. Using "Single Eligible Object Mode" will also show all the symbols outside of the clip cube at the moment. Edit: Please note that I'm using this tool in viewport annotations
  6. Hi everyone, I love using datatags as lighting labels in 3D viewports. To limit the amount of design layers I often clipcube a single object or construction. While placing datatags using the "All Eligible Object Mode", objects outside of the clipcube also get a datatag. This can result in some lighting devices having the wrong datatag. Is this a known bug and are other people also experiencing issues with this?
  7. You can add it to your fixture using the accessoiry tool. If the barndoor is already an accessoiry, double clicking the symbol in the resource manager will automatically active the tool.
  8. Hi everyone, I have this issue with truss auto-connect when I use ctrl drag to duplicate a truss and immediately connect it to an existing truss using the red auto-connect lines. It seems the distance from the original truss location is doubled. When I first duplicate my truss using ctrl and use auto-connect afterwards, there's no problem. Here's a video that shows this issue: https://youtu.be/rAfPAn1X0Po Is this a known bug, or is there something wrong with my configuration?
  9. There is a menu command that will the magnets to your libraries, 'Update Truss Magnets'. After using it you will still need to check the allowable rotation parameter of the magnets as it will only set a default of 180° Thats what I used to update our custom truss library to the new magnets system. It worked fine. But by updating I mean replacing the existing trusses in a drawing with the newly updated trusses from my custom truss library. I understand. What I mean is the following: I changed the weight of a truss in a custom truss library using the truss properties. I also added a custom record to the truss symbol containing the productcode and other information of our warehousing software. When I replace a truss in an existing drawing with this modified symbol (by deleting/replacing the symbol in the resource manager), the weight does not change and the custom record isn't added to the previously drawn truss. The only way to update the existing truss correctly in a existing drawing is to delete the drawn symbol from the design layer and draw it again with the newly modified symbol. This can be extremely time consuming, especially with large or complex truss systems. To update modified lighting devices I can just select all of the same instrument types, and replace them with the modified one. For trusses only the trusses without "draw 3D only" selected and hanging angle update (geometry only, BrxTrussItemRecord and other records do not refresh. They will only use the new information when they are redrawn on the design layer).
  10. Adjusting the pick radius seemed to do the trick. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  11. The objects I'm trying to place on top don't seem to be in the same system. I'll send the file to you in a private message.
  12. Hi all, I'm having trouble with adding the load of fixtures wich are on top of a truss system. It's neccecary to correcly attach every load since I'm using Braceworks for most of the load calculations. Most of the time I'll fix issues like this by adding point loads, but that's not the most elegant way of doing it. I was wondering, is there another way or is this simply a limitation of the software? Here's screencapture showing the issue:
  13. Hi all! I'm currently in the process of updating old (v2020) files to use for festivals that finally can take place after the pandamic. Updating to a recent version of our template and libaries is quite a job. The most annoying part is updating all of the truss symbols to our v2022 truss libaries wich includes the new truss magnets. All trusses wich do not have a hanging angle or "draw 3D only" selected update fine when I import the new symbols. But every truss wich uses the auto generated Truss_3d symbol doesn't update automatically. I have to delete these _3d symbols one by one and replace them with the new one. Also the records don't get updated by simply importing the new symbols. It seems the truss symbols only read whats in the truss record once it gets converted from symbol to truss symbol. For example, if I corrected the weight of a truss in our libary file and I imported the corrected symbol in a existing drawing, the new weight value is not used. Is there a more elegant way of updating the truss systems in my drawings?
  14. Hi Sam, let me put that differently. It was not my intention to offend anyone with that, I don't mean that label legends aren't useful.. I can see it's a useful way to way to show all the fixture information you need in some worksflows. When we started working with Vectorworks 3/4years ago Data Tags became more useful to us in more and more situations. Ontopic: Nevertheless, the labels legends are the only way to display information about the other cells. I can live with that, but I think it is very important to be able to include it in worksheets.
  15. Good to know, thanks for your reply 👍
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