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  1. Hi Marissa: Steve Shelley here. I'm the designer of Field Template [plastic lighting templates] and SoftSymbols [Vectorworks theatrical lighting object libraries.] I just got a request from someone to convert one of my vectorworks 2D components into an SVG file, and ran across your posts last spring. have you been able to find a simple recipe? At present, my guess is to export the vw component as a pdf; then open it in Illustrator or the like; then save it as an SVG. is it that simple? thanks in advance for any insight, Steve

  2. MrTemplate

    Soft Symbols for VW2018

    Hi folks; What Rob said! Sorry for the delay, but we've now got the entire 3.9 SoftSymbols series in the shopping cart for all Vectorworks flavors, including 2018. This includes updates for Arri, Ayrton, Clay Paky, ETC, High End, Martin, Morpheus, Portman, PRG, Robe, Showline, and Vari*Lite. They all have the new improved 2018 Parts Record, and they all have the "special sauce" in the Fixture ID field, streamlining the workflow from Spotlight to Vision! Stop in and take a look; there are gif images showing all of the latest symbols, so you can see before you buy! https://www.fieldtemplate.com/SoftSymbols-39-Object-Libraries-and-a-SALE.html oh yeah, there's also a Sale!
  3. MrTemplate

    ETC ColorSource Spot symbols

    Hi folks; I worked for some weeks last summer updating the entire ETC library, with the assistance and support of the nice folks from ETC. In August I released the ETC 3.8 object library. Of course, they've gone ahead and released even more nifty doo-dads, so i intend to update the library again after USITT. In the meantime, however, you can see gif images of all the symbols on the Field Template website. http://www.fieldtemplate.com/soft/down_etc_frame.html all the best, Steve Shelley shelley@fieldtemplate.com plug>
  4. MrTemplate


    Hello Sam; It sounds like you're experiencing an example of Sub-Class Frustration. If you open your Organization Screen [Command-Shift-O on a mac] and click on the Classes tab, you'll see the complete listing of classes in your drawing. It sounds like your Video class is a sub-class of Floor lights. [if this is correct, there will be a small black disclosure triangle next to Floor Lights. when you click on it, Video will appear and disappear.] Presuming all this is right, the way to extract your Video class from being subservient to the Floor Lights class is to click on Video in the Organization screen, then click on the "Edit..." button on the bottom of the screen. In the "Edit Class(es)" screen, click in the Name Data Pane. Presumably it will say "Floor Lights-Video". The dash is what makes the Video class subservient to Floor Lights. Delete both the dash and the initial name "Floor Lights", click and click ok. In the Organization screen, you'll see that Video is no longer indented under Floor Lights. when you click ok again and return to the drawing, you should be able to turn off the Floor Lights class, and your video will remain independently in view. hth, Steve
  5. Another tactic I've used for some years is to create the lighting device and label legend as you want it to appear, then when selected, invoke the "Convert to Group" command [Command-K on a mac]. Once converted, the entire arrangement is a group, and no longer a lighting device. hth, Steve
  6. MrTemplate

    <off topic> Drone

    After viewing the "Shadow" solo dance performance it occurred to me a new symbol would be required for future light plots using this technique. I found a scaled image online and built the attached rough example in Vw2015. Feel free to download - your light plot awaits! All best, Steve
  7. MrTemplate

    Clay Paky Super Sharpy and Mythos symbols

    Hi Mickey; I just did a double-check. The Mythos **is** part of the V3.7 Clay Paky SoftSymbol Object Libary Pack. Take a look when you get a chance. All best, Steve
  8. MrTemplate

    Clay Paky Super Sharpy and Mythos symbols

    Hi Mickey; I just downloaded the Mythos & SuperSharpy symbols. they look to be the same body. The 3.7 Clay Paky SoftSymbol object library includes the Super Sharpy; guess the Mythos got released after my last cruise through the Clay Paky online catalog. all best, Steve
  9. MrTemplate

    Clay Paky Super Sharpy and Mythos symbols

    Hi Mickey; I just released the 3.7 packages of Vectorworks symbols that include ADB, Clay Paky, NSI Colortran, Martin, Strand, and Vari*Lite. The Clay Paky library includes the B-EYE series, and the Martin library includes the latest Viper series. I just updated the 3.7 libraries in September, and I'm [not] surprised that the new Mythos fixture was unknown to me. Take a look at the rest of the libraries, and contact me off-list regarding the Mythos. All best, Steve self-promotion>
  10. MrTemplate

    Label Legend Reposition in 2015

    Hi mk; i just opened a new 2015 doc, imported a couple of lighting symbols from the Nemetschek Martin library, created a label legend, inserted a lighting device. After i applied the LL, i repositioned the LL attributes around the lighting device and saved as a new Label Legend. No problem. i don't know what i did different from you, but i didn't have to export back and forth into/out of 2014 in order for LL repositioning to work. All best, Steve
  11. MrTemplate

    EDLT shading

    Hi Tony; Steve Shelley here. I just inserted the four different S4-36 EDLT's in the SoftSymbols ETC 3.5 Combo Pack, using Vw2012 on my macbook pro. in all cases, the shaded lens tip matches the graphic pdf that comes with the package. The shade is a default color, RGB 170. Send me the file OL and I'll take a look. All the best, Steve
  12. MrTemplate

    Some ETC symbols don't 3d rotate

    Hi Rob; sorry to hear of your challenges. can you tell us which version of vectorworks you're working on, and specifically which ETC symbols are exhibiting this behavior? when the libraries are constructed with nested symbols, it's helpful to list as detailed a list as possible. thanks in advance, Shelley
  13. MrTemplate

    Martin Viper symbol?

    Hi folks: The SoftSymbols Martin 3.5 Combo Pack includes the Viper and other recent additions to the Martin product line. The package also includes a second set of mover symbols that provide 3D components sitting on a stage. you can view the 2D symbols here: http://www.fieldtemplate.com/soft/down_martin_frame.html pitch> all the best, Steve Shelley
  14. MrTemplate

    Label Legend only allowing one Bold Channel

    Hi Rob [and others]: I had this same problem on an old document with ancient label legends working in vw2012 and then "exploding" in vw2013. i would change the channel number in vw2013, and when i pressed the tab key to enter the change into the data cell, the label legend would explode, sometimes text feet away from origin, font attributes that were bold turn into non-bold, etc. yowsah! with kevin's help, i think i solved it in three steps. 1. first, i opened my "label legend birth chamber" document [originally created in vw2011] in vw2013, and then imported matching label legends from the birth document into the old document, replacing the ancient label legends. that seemed to solve the exploding part. 2. then kevin directed me to "clear the font mappings". when i made the scooby sound "<*aroo?*>", he told me to go to preferences > display > edit font mappings > " and then select ALL of them and DELETE them. this only deletes the mappings, not the fonts. 3. then he instructed me to edit a problem Label Legend. while there, click on a piece of text that was demonstrating the bold/not bold thing. check the OIP for text name. then select **ONLY the first letter of the text**. it will probably not be the same bold/not bold. sometimes somehow a piece of text in LL may be half and half. drag select **all** of the text, and re-select the font and font attributes. edit symbol, refresh symbols in drawing, and [hopefully with fingers crossed] viola! it will all work. at least it worked on my old drawing. good luck, shelley
  15. MrTemplate

    Sluggish 2013

    I'm not seeing that on my mac. have no idea if that makes any difference, and certainly not trying to start anything.
  16. MrTemplate

    Altman 528 striplight -parts not in correct places

    Hi dwbtdsjrcc: wow, you're absolutely right. that 528 4 Circ 6' symbol in the Strips Folder of the Nemetschek Library turns into a "vectorworks sneeze" when you look at it in 3D. This symbol is actually 4 symbols combined, using the Linzey Construction Protocol; the four strip "pieces" were inserted as individual hybrid symbols [not lighting devices], aligned, selected, and created as a single symbol. when you created one using the spotlight symbol insertion tool, the OIP reports that you've created four lighting devices. If you edit the 3D component of the 528 4 Circ 6' symbol directly from the resource browser, you'll notice that in addition to a 3D Loci inside each of the four symbols, there are two extra 3d loci at each end of the striplight. delect those two extra 3D loci and exit the symbol. once back in the drawing, your initial striplight is still a sneeze. it will never change, because once it's inserted and become four lighting devices, it ceases being the 528 4-piece hybrid symbol. you can try refreshing til the cows come home, but it will always remain a sneeze. delete it, and insert a new 528 4 Circ 6' symbol with the spotlight symbol insertion tool. the OIP will then report that you've inserted four lighting devices. and when you change to any 3D view, the striplight will correctly appear as anticipated. hth, shelley ps: if you include the vw version number in your signature it helps define the problem and helps point towards a solution. and if you include your real name, then we don't have to call you dwbtdsjrcc. happy holidays! s
  17. MrTemplate

    Clay Paky Sharpy Symbol

    Hello ACP: Steve Shelley here. If you're looking for a Clay Paky Sharpy symbol, it's one of the many included in my Clay Paky 3.5 pack, available for download from fieldtemplate.com. click on this link to read about the symbols. the page also includes links allowing you to see all the 2D symbols. http://www.fieldtemplate.com/soft/down_clay_frame.html I can't tell which version of vw you're using. the Clay Paky Lighting 3.5 Pack can be purchased in vw2008 format [for versions 2008-2010], or the Vw2011 format [for versions 2011-2013] built with the parts record -- 3d lighting devices swivel and target to an assigned focus point. The Clay Paky Lighting 3.5 Pack also contains a second set of mover symbols showing 3D components sitting on the floor. this way you can plot 2D fixtures that look the same, but in 3D one can hang from a batten, while the other sits on the stage. pitch> at PLASA Stamford the nice Clay Paky folks told me about the new Sharpy that has different characteristics. i've not had a chance to get to that yet. hth, Shelley
  18. Hi Folks; Field Template? is pleased to announce the release of SoftSymbols? 3.5 Packs, a series of Vw2011 object libraries overhauled to include the latest gear, and upgraded to Vw2011 and Vw2012 "Focus Functionality"--in any 3D view, lighting devices automatically rotate and aim towards an assigned Spotlight focus point. The 3.5 libraries include: Altman, Arri, Clay Paky, ETC, ETC Selador, Martin, PRG, Prism Projection, Robe, Selecon, USITT , Vari*Lite, and Wybron. For more information, please read the detailed post in the "3rd Party Services, Products and Events" forum. We invite you to examine these new SoftSymbol? 3.5 Packs. They're available for view or purchase at our website: www.fieldtemplate.com. Thanks for your time, Steve
  19. Hi Folks; Field Template? is pleased to announce the release of SoftSymbols 3.5 Packs, a series of Vw2011 object libraries overhauled to include the latest gear, and upgraded to Vw2011 and Vw2012 "Focus Functionality"--in any 3D view, lighting devices automatically rotate and aim towards an assigned Spotlight focus point. The 3.5 libraries include: Altman, Arri, Clay Paky, ETC, ETC Selador, Martin, PRG, Prism Projection, Robe, Selecon, USITT , Vari*Lite, and Wybron. All libraries consist of hybrid symbols, already inserted and labeled directly in each document. All outer 2D components have matching graphic attributes, and all 3D components have a matching texture. All fixed-degree profiles have two choices of degree designation; either old-school slashes, or alphanumeric text in the lenses. All LED symbols include BlackDots?, which indicate the number of color circuits in each fixture. All "mover" symbols are duplicated with two different 3D components, "hanging from the batten" or "sitting on the floor". While constructing these libraries, we realized that requesting a single fee for a full collection of symbols might not make sense if folks don't need all the different manufacturers. Based on that, these 3.5 SoftSymbol? libraries have been reduced to a small purchase cost for each pack. Much like a New York City "Chinese menu", you pay only for the libraries you need. As always, any SoftSymbol? purchase includes a pdf of both the graphics and the exported data. Also included are Sam Jones' brilliant Data Conversion Plug-in macros, allowing you to convert weight and color size for a all symbols and resources in a drawing contents with only a single menu selection. [There's more macros on his website, and they're **free**: www.autoplotvw.com]. While the packs have been built for the Vw20911 and Vw2012 environments, they've been constructed as "Legacy" documents as well [built in Vw2008, upgradeable to Vw2009 and Vw2010]. While the Legacy object libraries contain the same 2D symbols, they don't possess the 3D Focus Functionality. We invite you to examine these new SoftSymbol? 3.5 Packs. They're available for view or purchase at our website: www.fieldtemplate.com. Thanks for your time,
  20. MrTemplate

    One light, two uses

    Hi Joe; I would highly recommend that you stick with a single vw and single LW document for this rep scenario. updating separate documents becomes much more cumbersome when the patch starts changing. When i was constructing plots in this manner i would use Sam Jone's Autoplot, which [with some custom alteration] allowed me to construct three plots and hookups in the same vw and lw documents. These days i would first consider Chad's method of using user fields instead. without constructing it, i would pursue a different channel container, when applicable, to distinguish between the two shows or the two hookups [or maybe completely different channel numbering between the two shows?]. the big decision i think is going to be your quick changeover scenario; distinguishing what exactly has to take place to efficiently shift from one show to another. in this case i would lean towards creating a lightwright document showing all the shows in different columns. hth, shelley
  21. MrTemplate

    Cordinates relative to lighting postion and not origin

    Hi Greg; Your plan makes perfect sense if the measuring method you describe emulates the measuring actions that will be taken by the electricians hanging the show. The problem i see is in consistency. **if** all of the hanging positions start from the same distance from centerline, then changing the origin to that point makes sense. if all the overhead dead-hung battens uniformly terminate at 10'-5" SL of centerline, for example, then make the end of those battens the new "X" zero. the problem is if all the hanging positions **don't** start from the same "X" distance from centerline. if you need to reset the origin for each of the hypothetical battens, and their SL termination point is each a different distance from centerline, your plan [i think] runs afoul. as i understand it, you can only have one origin point at any time in any drawing. [i just tried to create a new drawing with four layers, and change the origin on each layer. no luck. the last origin is still the only origin]. so if you change the origin on the 1st electric to 10'-5" SL of centerline, but then you have to change the origin to 11'-3" SL of centerline [a different starting point for the 2nd electric]--once you've done that, the distance readout for the 1st electric units will change to reflect the new 2nd electric origin. the only way i can think to end with the result that you want is to enter in hard distance data into an open OIP user field. this would then remain unchanged, no matter what the origin is. yeah, not the answer you were hoping for.... maybe someone else will have a clever trick? good luck, Shelley
  22. i took a look at this file and it's way wacky. not to mention the fact that trying to copy using option-drag does not work in any way. data exchange was trashed; even an export to excel only showed me default instrument data, nothing otherwise contained in any label legend. a sad little plot with a serious cold. then again, i could just not be finding the right key. anyone else want to take a swing at this one? shelley
  23. MrTemplate

    Id Tool

    Hello bcd; no doubt many others understand your question without hesitation, but i don't. What's the "ID tool"? is it in one of the palettes? or part of a drop-down menu? part of a workspace? TIA for your guidance, Shelley
  24. Hi Ericsrocks; When you have a chance, update your profile to include your machine & vw version. [then you don't have to write it into your post every time]. the vw etc par body is your culprit; and more specifically, inside the body, is the 3D locus. edit the 3d component of the symbol; select the 3D locus, and change both the X and Y axis of the 3d component to 0". exit the symbol, refresh the drawing, and all of the source 4 bodies should correctly reorient themselves to their assigned focus points. hth, shelley
  25. MrTemplate

    Instruments -Rotation

    Hi bcd; In vw2011 the parts record was added in the symbols, to allow the 3D components to "focus" towards their assigned focus point. in order to do this, the piece of the 3D component assigned to be a "body" has to point straight down. when assigned to a focus point, then, the 3D body accurately targets towards the focus point. the 3D body of the 1.2 doesn't point straight down because of the 3D locus point. the 3D locus point **must** be at the X,Y zero for the rotation to work. if you edit the 3D component and select the 3D locus point, you'll see that the locus is at 0" X axis, but 1/4" Y axis. change Y axis to 0", exit the symbol, and refresh the drawing; the 3D body will now accurately function and match the rest of the 3D followspot components. because of this scheme, the "at rest" position for all the 3D bodies is straight down. to change that, you'll need to establish a focus point [just for the followspots] that's at the same Z value height as the 3D loci in the followspot 3D components. then all the 3D followspots will point "straight out" [when at rest] in your rendered drawing. hth, shelley


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