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Landmark - Plant Schedule displaying image of plant

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I was wondering if anyone has created a plant schedule that will also include an image of the species.

I've been trying to attach an image to the plant data under 'Image Detail'.  With both the functions 'Import an External File' or 'Image Resource'(after importing the image into the working VW file.

Then I tried inserting column into the schedule with the database header >>      ='Plant record'.'Image Detail'      <<
However the result that comes up is <image> and doesn't actually show the image that is attached to that specific plant data set.

I've even tried inserting the following functions without any success
=IMAGE(='Plant record'.'Image Detail')     >> RESULTS:       =IMAGE(='Plant record'.'Image Detail')
=IMAGE(S='Plant record'.'Image Detail')     >> RESULTS:       False

=IMAGE('Image Detail')     >> RESULTS:       Custom Image

='Image Detail'


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