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Duplicate along path - Preview not working



Hello All,


here is another one which is bothering me since quite a time, the Preview in "Duplicate along path" just stopped working in vwx 2021 i guess, i am sure it worked in previews versions but right now nothing happens when i push the preview button. I have this issue all the time even if the duplicate works. it is just annoying because i would like to check before i hit ok.


Has anybody the same issue or is it just me?





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My first suggestion is to try and create a new user account (System Preferences:Users and Groups), load that account and launch VW there to test. If it works properly there then there is a problem in your User Folder. 


If it works in the new account, log out and back into your original account. Go to Vectorworks Preferences: and click the Reveal in Finder button. Quit VW. Drag the 2021 folder to your desktop. Restart VW. See if the preview works. If it does then we have proven that there is a problem in your user folder. If you have not customized it much you can just throw the original in the trash. VW created a new folder when you restarted. If you have customized you can either put your original user folder back and try and figure out what is causing the problem or you can just move the things you need over a few at a time, restarting VW between, until you cause the problem.


And/Or instead of the above, go to VW Preferences and click the Reset button at the bottom left. This will reset all of your preferences. Restart VW and see if you still have the problem.


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Thanks Pat for your suggestion and sorry for the late response, i missed the notification of your post somehow


However it seems to be not a problem of the user account, i did create a new user account in osx but the problem stays the same. I even did a reset on my preferences but with no success.


There is always a small "thinking pause" in the UI after i click preview, so i assume the command is executed, but the preview is not displayed.


I just verified that it works in vwx 2020 as expected.


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