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  1. Thank you Pascal, this was exactly what i was looking for...i tried to modify the node already but i did not know i had to remove the first line to be able to do so! Thanks again for your detailed help! Michael
  2. Hi Pascal, sorry for the late answer and thank you for your answer, this is a brilliant workaround and it works like charm! Do you have any idea maybe why the dropdown list does not work? For my understanding i would need to have a input port in the "Objects by criteria" node where i can put in the criteria, coming from my field names list. Or is there another option to do that which i dont see? Also which node do i need to use to generate a user popup with radiobuttons for "true" and"false" ? With the existing node i can only choose 3 options in the OIP. Thank you in advance. Regards, Michael
  3. 190813_DrawBeam.vwxHi All, i try to write a script to toggle the "Draw Beam" option in the Lighting Instruments OIP. The goal is to switch quickly between beam visualization on/off of the different lighting instruments. I can see the checkmark appearing and disappearing after executing my script. However the function does not work, the beam is not shown/not disappears. If i check/uncheck the box it works as expected. Apart of that, how can i implement a selection by popup for the different instrument types? the script only works with the "Object by criteria" node, even if i paste the full criteria (('Lighting Device'.'Inst Type'='Robe BMFL Washbeam')) to a string node it does not work. Also i would like to have the draw beam on/off options as radiobuttons in a user popup but can´t find a node which does this. Tia Michael 190813_DrawBeam.vwx
  4. mkue

    Manage Menu Commands

    as an addition for anybody who is interested: i found that one can assign a marionette script to a keyboard shortcut through converting it to a python script and turn it then into a plugin menu command! hope that makes sense. Michael
  5. mkue

    Manage Menu Commands

    Sweet! Thank you very much for your help!
  6. mkue

    Manage Menu Commands

    Hi Marissa, thanks for your quick reply! I cant find the Marionette Command Library.vwx ... looks like you are on Windows, do you know by any chance where i can find that on macOS? Tia Michael
  7. Hi All, how can i arrange/delete Marionette menu commands and how can i add a keyboard shortcut to a marionette menu command? The menu commands are not listed in the ressource browser and they are not apearing in the workspace editor. might be a noob question, but i could not find it anywhere. Tia Michael


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