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  1. Thanks for your answer and sorry for my late reply. You are right, i have already jumped through a few hoops and it seems that i will do even more. I stopped working with Schematic Views long time ago since this workflow was very laggy and time consuming for me. The updates and re renders of Schematic Views consume quite some time on larger projects. It also steals a lot of flexibility in my workflow. Hidden Line do not give me the colours of my symbols. Wireframe together with my customized symbols works in the most cases for me, but unfortunately not here. BTW i tried to go the Schematic View route on this example to see if something changed to the last time i used it but i had to learn that it is broken at the moment with the "Schematic Views cannot be Pasted without the Model Object they are Based On" bug, i´ll see if i have time to roll back to SP3...
  2. Hello All, i drew up a schematic view of some lighting towers. In design mode everything looks fine but when i put it in a viewport, the fixtures and the horizontal truss seem to be stacked behind the tower (see screenshots) What iam doing wrong here? TIA Michael 220526_Tower Front Back .vwx
  3. Hello All, iam trying to add the 2D footprint of a lighting symbol to the front view in a viewport. I added the geometry in the 2D edit of the symbol. When i create the viewport i get the option "display 2d component" and check it. However the 2D component does not show up in the viewport and there is no "display 2d component" option in the options of the viewport anymore. (please see screenshots) i also attached the example file What iam doing wrong here? Thanks in advance, Michael 220526_2D Component.vwx 220526_2D Component.vwx
  4. purging did a lot for me already though the summary is still very inconsistent, i always have issues with being slow as well as not displaying the fixture names at publishing etc...in this regard it helps if i copy/delet/insert in place but this "workflow" does anoy me a lot since i never kow if my publishing task of 10 plus sheets goes well or not however i will send you the file to have a look at it. thanks Michael
  5. Hi there, iam encountering the same problems and i have the exact same workflow as Charlie Winter. Is there any news on that already? Thank you, Michael
  6. Thanks Pat for the workflow, this is basicallly how i did it!
  7. Thanks for your quick reply Nikolay! I would like to feed a (execl) list of Truss numbers into a worksheet in Vectoroworks and then use the Data Tag to label the trusses accordingly
  8. Hello All, is it possible to create data tags from worksheets at least?
  9. found it now in the workspace editor, i was not aware that i need to add it to my personal workspace, stupid me 🙂 Thanks, Jesse!!
  10. Hi All, can anyone point me to the focusing lighting devices along a path tool which is new in VWX2022 ? I cant find it nither in the lighting tools where it is supposed to be as described in the VWX help or anywhere else including the workspace editor https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/LightingDesign2/Focusing_lighting_devices_along_a_path.htm#h Thank you, M
  11. Hi All, i have an issue which is bothering my quite a time already and i would like to know if iam doing something wrong here. When i use the Spotlight tool "align and distribute" on a horizontal selection of fixtures it works like expected, the fixtures are aligned and distributed in the same order as they were initially. However when i do the same on a vertical selection, vectorworks reorders my fixtures seemingly "per type". Please see screenshots attached. I dont know since when i have this problem exactly but i can say that it is in 2020 the same as in 2021 EDIT: this happens always regardless which distribution mode i choose. Also depending on the initial position, vectorworks seems to reorder randomly, i dont get the pattern how that happens. pls see additional screenshots I have several workarounds for that already but iam wondering if iam doing something wrong here maybe or if somebody else experiences the same problem. TIA Michael
  12. Thanks Pat for your suggestion and sorry for the late response, i missed the notification of your post somehow However it seems to be not a problem of the user account, i did create a new user account in osx but the problem stays the same. I even did a reset on my preferences but with no success. There is always a small "thinking pause" in the UI after i click preview, so i assume the command is executed, but the preview is not displayed. I just verified that it works in vwx 2020 as expected.
  13. thanks for the feedback, idk whats going on here...it just doesn´t work i have no idea why...
  14. Hello All, here is another one which is bothering me since quite a time, the Preview in "Duplicate along path" just stopped working in vwx 2021 i guess, i am sure it worked in previews versions but right now nothing happens when i push the preview button. I have this issue all the time even if the duplicate works. it is just annoying because i would like to check before i hit ok. Has anybody the same issue or is it just me? TIA Michael
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