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  1. thanks for the feedback, idk whats going on here...it just doesn´t work i have no idea why...
  2. Hello All, here is another one which is bothering me since quite a time, the Preview in "Duplicate along path" just stopped working in vwx 2021 i guess, i am sure it worked in previews versions but right now nothing happens when i push the preview button. I have this issue all the time even if the duplicate works. it is just annoying because i would like to check before i hit ok. Has anybody the same issue or is it just me? TIA Michael
  3. OK after playing around with it, it seems that it is possible to attach several objects at once but one has to detach every single object manually, unless iam doing something wrong here
  4. Thank you very much Sir, this is exactly what i was looking for and i would never have found that in the rigging palette without your help! However, can i detach/attach several fixtures at once? I followed your advice of selecting the fixtures but when i run the Manage loads tool, i have to click on every single fixture to detach it...
  5. Hi All, this is probably a noob question but it keeps bothering me from time to time and i can´t find an answer to it in the search or anywhere else. Somewhen lighting fixtures started to get attached automatically to trusses, which is most of the times is a good thing. However, when i want to make the truss shorter for instance and i want to nudge the truss to the center again, the fixtures stay on the truss and i have to select them, nudge them back etc. I admit i don´t have learned the principles of hanging positions since i don´t need them actually for my mostly conceptual workflow. Most of the times, i just need to place fixtures on the right position and i don´t care about hanging positions and everything related to that. Most of the times i just want to select my trusses indepent of the fixtures and i don´t want the fixtures sticking on the trusses. Can anybody tell me please how can i deactivate this behaviour or what iam doing wrong here? TIA Michael
  6. Thanks to Jesse, it seems he pushed me in the right direction and the problem seems to be solved now. I assigned a text style to the class where the summary lives and since then i had no more issues with the text disappearing when publishing. It seems the Instrument Summary needs a class text style assigned, i´ve never done this before because it always worked for me. Howsoever, it seems again, like mostly, the bug sits in front of the screen 🙂 Thanks again and keep all safe and sound, Michael
  7. @jcogdell Thanks for your answer Iam working with exact the same Version 2021 / SP3.1 / Build 588748 However iam on a mac and still on osx 10.14.6
  8. Please find attached a testfile where this actually happens...maybe anyone of the vectorworks team wants to have a look at that! Thanks, Michael 210503_IS-Test.vwx
  9. Just want to let everybody know that this issue is back in VWX 2021 and does not go away with updating to SP3 This one just drove me crazy the last days since i have to fight with it on every reissue i have to do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it only affects one sheet, sometimes another. Thanks for the workaround with the eyedropper, it speeds up the process of renewing at least a little bit. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP !!! This is very annoying at not acceptable for a professional and quite expensive software and the fact that this bug is in the software since more then two years now doesn´t make it better!
  10. wow, thank you for your extensive answer, i really appreciate this! i actually just wanted to get rid of the dashed line but know i know a bit more about that whole title block border mystery 😄 thanks again and best wishes from the other side of the pond, Michael
  11. sure, this is the bottom line of the published pdf but i see the lines also in the viewports
  12. Hello All, i have created a custom title block and discovered a dashed line around it which is probably the papersize itself. i would like to remove this line but i cant touch it nor do i find any options anywhere to switch this off. can anybody help me here? thanks, Michael
  13. no grouping does not help at all, you need to convert to groups -> all subs apple-K is my best friend with DWGs now 🙂
  14. if anybody is interested, converting the objects to groups helps with that problem, the DWG had probably some weird symbols with scaling in them which caused occasionally this crazy behavior.
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