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Cantilever Pipe Not Supported?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The most likely cause for this from your image is that the pipe has lost its connection to the truss and truss cross (blue diamond).

If the problem is not visible in a 3D view, the easiest way to check if this has happened is to hit the 'Change trim height of system' button in the Truss properties and once in the Change Trim Height dialogue set the 'Change' drop-down menu to either stacked or entire system. This will highlight everything that is connected to the truss system, not just the objects directly associated with the truss line itself (which is displayed by the select system objects button).


change system height.PNG


If this is not the case PM me the file and I will see if I can figure out what is going on

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I'm coming across the same problem here.  If I use the insert connection tool to add a pipe, it draws the pipe and connection at a different height (in the picture below the truss Z value is 0mm, it has inserted the pipe at a Z of 1835mm




When you change the trim height, the connection symbol adjust to the new height but the pipe just moves up by the amount entered.  See below:




After the trim height is adjusted:



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


11 hours ago, J. Miller said:

it seems connections must be type rigid

that is the designed behavior, a flexible/pliable truss cross is designed to represent fixing the pipe with a steel rope or some other form of non rigid (movable) attachment method (which in the case of an out-rig pipe would be dangerous), where as the fixed definition is to model a rigid or hard connection like when using doughty clamps or burgers.


11 hours ago, J. Miller said:

If an outrigger pipe is used i can not attach a fixture to that truss system without getting the warning of "point load assigned to (2) elements)

 I not 100% sure whether this is bug, as I can kind of see why it might get triggered. I'll contact the developer and ask about it.


11 hours ago, J. Miller said:

It seem the calculations are working anyway with that warning

Not all warning/error messages will prevent a truss system from calculating, typically as long as the issue will not physically prevent the calculation then Braceworks will calculate the system. The issue highlighted may for example just refer to a potential documentation problem like having several hoists with the same ID.



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