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  1. Thanks all. I wrote this years ago when there was only the Lighting Device record attached to a fixture. Seems i need to modify the check to look at all records now. Thanks for the hint Joshua
  2. I have a VW script that selects objects based on the data in the "lighting device" record. I root out other items by making sure the record "Lighting Device" is attached to keep the script from breaking? Now i see "EntEquipmentUniversal" as the record on a lighting device. Is there a workaround so I can find the handle to "lighting device" so i can grab data? Thanks Jeff
  3. I am working on a project that requires the need to know the weight supported on house beams(s) I know i can just do the math of the multiple points ,but am looking for something a little more dynamic (being able to recalculate if weights change) I need the report to be in pounds Jeff Miller
  4. sorry pat they aren't VW2023 SP3 MAC M1 Ultra Studio w/ Ventura 13.2.1 Ya know it may have been since i updated to Ventura ??
  5. For the past few days when i go to do an Un-Do, the procedure happens but it sends my view to 0,0 paper center. it sure is frustrating to have to go back to where i was Any clues Thanks Jeff Miller
  6. I’m not that deep of a code writer. Do you suggest Turing off developer mode? where is that located thanks jeff
  7. thanks Pat And kevin
  8. i don't know WTF happened or how they turned into .txt files. i threw an error into the file and closed it , it then showed as a vector-script file. i was able to open and compile it, fixing the error. I had to do this twice to all files with shut downs. on the 3 try they cam back as normal Never seen this before. all is good for now. I am waiting on a response from my colleague who had the same problem Jeff
  9. I see this site will be down on Saturday January 21st, so feel free to email me if you find something Jeff JmillerProductionServices@gmail.com
  10. I have (3) Plug-Ins that are tools. I have used them since 2020. They worked fine in 2023. For some unknown reason they no longer show up in my plug-ins list. When they did between continuous reset they were list as text files? Did the latest service pack change something. I am a beta tester and they do show up and run fine in that version. This is bit dire as a few colleagues are depending on these, and they have disappeared in their work-spaces too Plug-in are attached if anybody can figure out WTF happened I usually don't cry for help but HELP !! Thanks Jeff Data Drop.vso Power Drop.vso Pwr Data Origin.vso
  11. Seems like 12.5, fixed a lot of stuff that should have never happened. Screen freezes on dual monitors has stopped too
  12. I have reported in the thread way above that when using (2) monitors on the M1 ultra the main application screen would freeze (zero fps). unplugging and plunging the monitor woke the screen back up. Frustrating but no data loos. The latest update to the os (12.5) seems to have solved the problem '
  13. Just an FYI I updated to Monterey 12.5 and the screen freezing seems to be fixed. No problems for 2 days now Fingers crossed Jeff
  14. I have the same lock up issue. It's more of a screen freeze for me. If i unplug the monitor and plug it back in the freeze goes away. The render times are incredible though. Jeff
  15. Thanks Kevin. Sounds like plan B for me Different Legends for different Universes Jeff
  16. Is it possible to add a Data Visualization to a container attached to a lighting fixture? I would like to change to the container fill color that holds the Universe/Address data i use to have a fill based on the Universe in use for that fixture ie: Universe 1 = red fill, Universe 2 = Blue fill, etc. I can duplicate and create multiple ledgends w/ different colors, but Data Visualization seems much more robust i can change the entire fixture with Data Visualization but i don't want to do that. moving lights look so much alike now, I have to color code the instruments so techs can tell one fixture from another Any Clues? Thanks In Advance Jeff
  17. I agree RonMan. I drank the kook-aid and have a similar model. The render times scream. All 20 cores are used at once. A 30 minute custom render is like 5 minutes now. Are you using one or 2 monitors? I run 2 and the only drawback so far has been a random screen freeze on the main monitor. The 2nd monitor remains active. I can’t duplicate the problem and it usually happens with a move type event. ( redraw) maybe. The repair is to unplug the monitor and plug it back in. No data loss just a big PIA. I’m working with Apple about this but not resolved yet. Jeff
  18. I’m not a computer guru but…. How can my studio ultra render hidden line real time in nanoseconds and allow me to freely rotate but hidden line viewports take forever comparatively just wondering Jeff M
  19. thanks guys. I was just checking. Its on the brown truck finally after flying from the other side of the world this weekend Jeff
  20. Should I install a fresh version of VW on the M1 platform or will the migration be fine. I just want to be sure I get the most out if the new Apple chipset TIA Jeff
  21. Mac PRO old school here I have all kinds of memory issues. I think Monterey added to the problem, but hangs and crashes are frequent. I will keep an aye on memory too
  22. Pass the kool-Aid. I need a new computer. The trash can is getting buggy. it was buggy before Covid, but ya got to have income to spend income .yeah i am going to swallow the 128MB ram. I hope NNA catches up to multicore use. hopefully it will last 5 - 6 years. Jeff
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