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  1. I agree RonMan. I drank the kook-aid and have a similar model. The render times scream. All 20 cores are used at once. A 30 minute custom render is like 5 minutes now. Are you using one or 2 monitors? I run 2 and the only drawback so far has been a random screen freeze on the main monitor. The 2nd monitor remains active. I can’t duplicate the problem and it usually happens with a move type event. ( redraw) maybe. The repair is to unplug the monitor and plug it back in. No data loss just a big PIA. I’m working with Apple about this but not resolved yet. Jeff
  2. I’m not a computer guru but…. How can my studio ultra render hidden line real time in nanoseconds and allow me to freely rotate but hidden line viewports take forever comparatively just wondering Jeff M
  3. thanks guys. I was just checking. Its on the brown truck finally after flying from the other side of the world this weekend Jeff
  4. Should I install a fresh version of VW on the M1 platform or will the migration be fine. I just want to be sure I get the most out if the new Apple chipset TIA Jeff
  5. Mac PRO old school here I have all kinds of memory issues. I think Monterey added to the problem, but hangs and crashes are frequent. I will keep an aye on memory too
  6. Pass the kool-Aid. I need a new computer. The trash can is getting buggy. it was buggy before Covid, but ya got to have income to spend income .yeah i am going to swallow the 128MB ram. I hope NNA catches up to multicore use. hopefully it will last 5 - 6 years. Jeff
  7. Mark, Can you tell me what monitors you are using. I also sit at the desk full time now-a-days. speakers - would be nice , video cam - yes, 4k - yes, 27" - min width. I am planning on getting (2) Jeff
  8. So Steve, Is that a thumbs up to invest in a studio M1 ultra (32Gb ram or 64 gb ram) Jeff
  9. Will the ultra speed things up at all since its 2 chips acting as one (mac voodoo magic) My trash can is getting buggy and need to be replaced soon. is the studio monitor worth it or is there a suggetstion for (2) 4k monitors. I would like to have good speakers and a web cam. Maybe (1) studio 27" and a 2nd basic model that will line up with the studio (4k) as and screen for resources, oip, navigation. I could really use some help here. VW entertainment user with lots of renders and a pile of 3D modeling. Thanks, Jeff
  10. I have seen that too. I believe cuts video related (I call them ghosts). Closing and restarting vector works will make them go away
  11. I am over seeing a shared file that is on the Dropbox platform. One of the users of this file cannot publish to the cloud unless he saves his copy of the shared file as a vwx file. Is there a workaround for this problem. TIA Jeff
  12. soooooo, do i roll the dice or wait.? Left image is a mac pro Right is a Macbook pro bumping between VW2021, VW2022 I have some time today to do this, just want to be sure I'm not going down the rabbit hole too soon Jeff
  13. juat to follow up it seems connections must be type rigid . If an outrigger pipe is used i can not attach a fixture to that truss system without getting the warning of "point load assigned to (2) elements) it seem the calculations are working anyway with that warning is this a glitch?? Jeff again
  14. same problem here. The light pipes w/ out rigged fixtures are connect to the truss. I can change the elevation of the entire system. but i get all kind of errors when running calculations in braceworks. Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? VW2021 Thanks Jeff
  15. so this was the scale translation after trail and error. at least the door dimension = the fake dimensions on the drawing Got me??
  16. I have a DWG file that came from The Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa. For the life of me i cannot get the import scale correct. the scale of the drawing says 1/100 Can anyone help me out here I have an image of a few doors with dimensions if that helps. The DWG is also attached. If you could let met know what import conversion you did that would be great as I have another file from the same group LEVEL3-BLOCKA.dwg
  17. Thanks, Some file are getting so large now i need to do this to provide to clients using smaller machines
  18. Is there a way to publish a group of pages as rasterized (flattened) PDF's? I have a 23 page file that need to be rasterized as in pdf. Thanks Jeff
  19. Thanks, I've seen a lot, read a lot, missed this post somehow. Jeff
  20. Is VectorWorks 2021 ready for Big Sur? Mac Pro & MacBook Pro w/ Intel Chips Jeff
  21. I'm using the DELL U3818DW Display. Mac says it''s : 37.5-inch (3840 x 1600) I've has it for a few years now, so there may be better wide screens around
  22. The ultra wide has been working for me. I got a curved model. There is plenty of room for pallets.
  23. Hey All, Very new to the entire world of vision. I am using the ETC EOS console to control my vision file. I have the Martin Rush Par 2 RGBW Zoom 5 channel fixture in the file When choosing colors in EOS (by Gel color) some are close but most are way off. Is this normal? I used the GDTF fixture mode from the GDTF web site. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Jeff Miller Attached is the view of L139 mixed in the fixtures (Don't think so) Also attached is the EOS console breakdown of the color
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