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  1. I am over seeing a shared file that is on the Dropbox platform. One of the users of this file cannot publish to the cloud unless he saves his copy of the shared file as a vwx file. Is there a workaround for this problem. TIA Jeff
  2. soooooo, do i roll the dice or wait.? Left image is a mac pro Right is a Macbook pro bumping between VW2021, VW2022 I have some time today to do this, just want to be sure I'm not going down the rabbit hole too soon Jeff
  3. juat to follow up it seems connections must be type rigid . If an outrigger pipe is used i can not attach a fixture to that truss system without getting the warning of "point load assigned to (2) elements) it seem the calculations are working anyway with that warning is this a glitch?? Jeff again
  4. same problem here. The light pipes w/ out rigged fixtures are connect to the truss. I can change the elevation of the entire system. but i get all kind of errors when running calculations in braceworks. Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? VW2021 Thanks Jeff
  5. so this was the scale translation after trail and error. at least the door dimension = the fake dimensions on the drawing Got me??
  6. I have a DWG file that came from The Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa. For the life of me i cannot get the import scale correct. the scale of the drawing says 1/100 Can anyone help me out here I have an image of a few doors with dimensions if that helps. The DWG is also attached. If you could let met know what import conversion you did that would be great as I have another file from the same group LEVEL3-BLOCKA.dwg
  7. Thanks, Some file are getting so large now i need to do this to provide to clients using smaller machines
  8. Is there a way to publish a group of pages as rasterized (flattened) PDF's? I have a 23 page file that need to be rasterized as in pdf. Thanks Jeff
  9. Thanks, I've seen a lot, read a lot, missed this post somehow. Jeff
  10. Is VectorWorks 2021 ready for Big Sur? Mac Pro & MacBook Pro w/ Intel Chips Jeff
  11. I'm using the DELL U3818DW Display. Mac says it''s : 37.5-inch (3840 x 1600) I've has it for a few years now, so there may be better wide screens around
  12. The ultra wide has been working for me. I got a curved model. There is plenty of room for pallets.
  13. Hey All, Very new to the entire world of vision. I am using the ETC EOS console to control my vision file. I have the Martin Rush Par 2 RGBW Zoom 5 channel fixture in the file When choosing colors in EOS (by Gel color) some are close but most are way off. Is this normal? I used the GDTF fixture mode from the GDTF web site. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Jeff Miller Attached is the view of L139 mixed in the fixtures (Don't think so) Also attached is the EOS console breakdown of the color
  14. Hey All, i boot camped my Mac book pro, installed windows 10 and HOG 4 PC. I have vision running on my Mac Pro. They are connected together with a CAT 5 Cable. NADA. Can someone walk me thru this? Is this even possible. Has anyone done this? Hog PC says to use he Hog Net but that is not available on a MAC machine. What are my workaround options? I'm okay with computers but this IP address stuff is not in my wheel house (totally lost) Thanks in Advance. Jeff
  15. Hey All, MAC user here During this Covid-19 hell I want to learn how to program a Hog Console unless the Grand MA is a better choice. (y'all tell me) I have a MAC book pro i want to run bootcamp on to use the HOG pc or Grand MA software. I will use my Mac pro to run Vision. I know i have to buy windows 10 (any ideas for reliable trustworthy versions) BUT what else am i going to have to buy. (software, dongles, etc) I would like to have a few (maybe 1 to 3) DMX universes. This is strictly going to be used in vision only as a learning tool. If i ever get near real lights i will also get near a real hog to dump the show into. Thanks for the info in advance Jeff Miller
  16. This is kooky. I wonder why it only accepts input as mm. It completely ignores any measurement designation ( ", ', mm, m). The documentation requires updating for sure. Jeff Miller
  17. I have found that if I split (redraw) the object into multiple pieces like you suggested it seems to work. At least i hope it does ,the dimensions appear to be the same when unfolded and put back together? Thanks bcd Jeff
  18. I am wondering if an object like this can be unfolded. I need to make a pattern to cut this out of vinyl. It is one of a handful of shapes i need to unfold. Been at it for a bit now with no good results Of course it had to be done yesterday. Jeff UnfoldMe.vwx
  19. check the reply from KLinzey I am going to try that option later today BTW Thanks Kevin Jeff
  20. I created a DMX Patch using the VW DMX Patch Menu item. It works great. I want to send this information to Lightwright 6 What fields do i link & not link to LW & VW to keep this information intact. I am overwriting info or its just being ignored, This user U Dimmer, User Address, Universe/Address, Absolute Address, DMX Address is driving me nuts. Screen shots appreciated Thanks, Jeff
  21. It may have something to do with soft shadows. Be sure that item is UN-Checked Jegg
  22. I need to get the Z height of a point load programmatically. It doesn't seem to respond to the normal calls. Any clues? TIA Jeff Miller
  23. I would like to add a calculate-able (is that a word) weight to a few existing symbols i have. They are not lights, but relate to rigging hardware. How does on go about adding a weight to a symbol and assuring the it indeed does attach to the truss structure when adding the symbol. I have tried to select the symbol and "Add point loads at Selection". this adds the weight but does not attach it to the truss structure. Any clues would be helpful Jeff Miller
  24. Truss crosses are a bit odd. and seem to appear on their own sometimes. I have copied objects and (not the truss cross) and pasted into a new drawing only to have the truss cross appear and connected to nothing. I delete the truss crosses, and sometimes they will reappear Jeff Miler
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