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  1. J. Miller

    VW2020 & Lightwright Exchange

    check the reply from KLinzey I am going to try that option later today BTW Thanks Kevin Jeff
  2. J. Miller

    VW2020 & Lightwright Exchange

    I created a DMX Patch using the VW DMX Patch Menu item. It works great. I want to send this information to Lightwright 6 What fields do i link & not link to LW & VW to keep this information intact. I am overwriting info or its just being ignored, This user U Dimmer, User Address, Universe/Address, Absolute Address, DMX Address is driving me nuts. Screen shots appreciated Thanks, Jeff
  3. J. Miller

    Showing gobo texture in lit fog

    It may have something to do with soft shadows. Be sure that item is UN-Checked Jegg
  4. J. Miller

    adding weights to symbols

    I would like to add a calculate-able (is that a word) weight to a few existing symbols i have. They are not lights, but relate to rigging hardware. How does on go about adding a weight to a symbol and assuring the it indeed does attach to the truss structure when adding the symbol. I have tried to select the symbol and "Add point loads at Selection". this adds the weight but does not attach it to the truss structure. Any clues would be helpful Jeff Miller
  5. J. Miller

    Braceworks Point Loads

    I need to get the Z height of a point load programmatically. It doesn't seem to respond to the normal calls. Any clues? TIA Jeff Miller
  6. J. Miller

    Braceworks, Truss Cross???

    Truss crosses are a bit odd. and seem to appear on their own sometimes. I have copied objects and (not the truss cross) and pasted into a new drawing only to have the truss cross appear and connected to nothing. I delete the truss crosses, and sometimes they will reappear Jeff Miler
  7. Is there a trick to getting stock corner blocks to work. I am using the Tomcat TC2020 Truss library. Connecting a bunch of trusses works fine BUT As soon as I add a TC2020 corner block into the mix all I get are errors. No connections, etc, etc. I have a grid that is god awful big and uses a ton of corner blocks. Even in the simplest layout the Tomcat TC2020 corners do not work. It looks like they connect but i don't think they are. I need 20.5" x 20.5" truss and eventually 12" x 12" truss to work in grids. Any Clues? And of course I am on a deadline. Thanks Jeff Miller
  8. J. Miller

    Hanging scenery

    I need to hang some scenery from a braceworks rig. I know it’s dimension and weight and pick up points. How does one convert this piece so braceworks will recognize it and calculate it into the load report. Do I just use a dead load tool or is it more complicated since it will be picked up by multiple points. i don’t have the ability to determine each point load but it’s a scenic Item weighing about 300 lbs over 4 points. It’s uniform in construction. Thanks, Jeff
  9. J. Miller

    Hanging scenery

    Thanks guys i will try those options Jeff
  10. J. Miller

    Insert connection strange behaviour

    So what’s the trick to fixing that? delete redraw, restart, etc? i have this problem too Jeff
  11. J. Miller

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    The tomcat 2020 blocks are made for “L” “T” & “X” I had to make the pass thu block “<>” to complete the collection. And yes one must put truss at all available sides of the corner block being used. Thanks for the responses. Maybe VW can add this topic to their help files. Jeff
  12. J. Miller

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    Yes I see that now. Thank you for responding so quickly. Just another Braceworks newbie stumbling along. 🙂 Jeff
  13. J. Miller

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    So how does one make a square grid of truss or an "L" shaped truss? There has got to be some way to do this. Just because I have a corner block doesn't mean i need all 4 sides. I'm new to this braceworks stuff. Can i edit a TC2020 Corner block somehow to only want to see 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides that want connections. Thanks, Jeff
  14. J. Miller

    output drawing order

    is there a drawing order, or a way to set the order. I am working with 2D objects and i cant seem to figure out how to create the order so the correct items are on top. Jeff
  15. J. Miller

    Ultra wide minitors

    Has anyone used an ultra wide monitor 21:9 with Vectorworks? are there any downfalls to using one? Any suggestions on a particular model to get? I’m thinking of pairing one with a new Mac Pro. im involved in the entertainments including construction and rendering Thanks, Jeff
  16. J. Miller

    Mac pro

    Thinking about investing in a Mac Pro. Is it overkill for VW designer or will I see a difference over an I Mac 2014. I do a lot of rendering and complex lighting scenic drawings Jeff Miller
  17. Hey All, Hopefully I am not the only one. I have been writing VS for many years now, and can make it behave for me. This Python beast has bitten me now to the point of frustration. I am learning Python through tutorials, but want to know how all of this work with VW. I have installed python and Aptana Studios and i think i have linked it correctly, but am lost from here. Is there someone out there who can create a step by step tutorial on how one can: Create a python script Save it Link it Debug it Make it work in VW. Make a template with all the necessary stuff to make new script. I not asking for the world but a simple rectangle PIO would be wonderful. Marionette has intrigued me to learn Python... I am I just need a little push on how to make this all swirl together Thanks Jeff
  18. J. Miller

    Mojave thinks 2019 is 32 bit

    I have some graphic oddities at times (open GL) and some ghosts (objects that have been deleted but still appear there). I'm just wondering if there are video card updates in Mojave that might help this? Happy Holidays Jeff
  19. J. Miller

    Mojave thinks 2019 is 32 bit

    So Jim Wilson, Mojave Upgrade ? YES ? NO? I have a bit a downtime right now Jeff Miller
  20. J. Miller

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Does SP2 fix the Mac OS Mojave problems? Jeff Miller
  21. J. Miller

    Custom Truss

    Does Braceworks work with angled custom trusses? I have a client who likes to do wacky layouts for their parties. I have a truss system that needs to be hung from other trusses. It sits on an angle and also has a custom curved truss on the end I am just experimenting with Braceworks and do not own the license yet. This is typical of what i need to do at times. Will Braceworks do calculations on a layout like this? Just using the tools available to me right now, it seems Braceworks does not like trusses hanging in this configuration. Before I invest in the product I just want to be sure something like this can be calculated First view is the Right View The second is the ISO Thanks in advance. Jeff Miller
  22. J. Miller

    Flag at Rest

    Has anyone figured out how to draw a flag at rest. If so, is it possible to map a flag texture to it? I experimented a little bit, but wound up crashing VW too many times. Any hints would be helpful. Thanks, Jeff Miller
  23. J. Miller

    Flag at Rest

    Holy Cow! That's incredible! Can I ask how you got to that shape? I tinkered for hours and didn't even get close. This is going onto my symbol library as soon as i get back form vacation. I will put Markdd in as a credit Thank you so much. Jeff
  24. J. Miller

    Flag at Rest

    Thanks for the replies. Maybe someone who has that software could create one?? Maybe a guru at VW could too. Jeff
  25. J. Miller

    Flag at Rest

    Jim That maybe an option I haven't tried (but thought about) I am not having a lot of luck finding images of flags at rest . I found the USA but other state & country flags is a bit more difficult Thanks Jeff


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