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Log cabins - hints needed!

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19 hours ago, Tom W. said:


I think this is an interesting question. I assume you mean is it possible to turn the Wall Hole Component on + off in viewports depending on whether you want to see the detail it generates or not? This is not an unreasonable thing to want + would be quite useful. But it seems that once you insert a symbol in a wall, whilst you can turn the 3D Component on + off by class you can't do the same with the Wall Hole Component: once you've made that hole it's there for good. Is this correct @Matt Panzer + if so is there a reason for it being like this? I'm somehow surprised to realise you can put a door or window in a wall but not 'remove' it again by turning off its class (well remove the geometry but not the hole).


In a nutshell:

The reason for all this is that the wall creates one set of 3D geometry for itself.  This is not as simple as showing or hiding an object in different detail levels because a wall hole object is actually modifying the wall geometry.  In order to support up to three levels of detail for wall holes (and possibly other things), the wall would have to create a separate version of itself for each detail level.  That means walls could potentially need to generate and contain 3 times as much geometry.  While implementing something like this is technically possible, it would affect performance and also increase file size.

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