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I looked at viewport properties in VW2021 help and it appears that all the parameters that are showing up in 2020 should also appear in 2021 in the OIP.  My guess it that there is a setting somewhere that is restricting visibility of all parameters while in annotation mode.  I looked in the resource manager it only shows the generic style with some edit options but not the full menu.   I'm drawing a blank on this one.

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In your screenshots it's not the viewport that's selected, it's the drawing label. This is a completely independent object to the viewport, you just happen to have placed it within the annotation space of a VP. I think you can place pretty much any object you want in the annotation space of a VP. So once you enter the VP annotations it's the objects within that space, when selected, which will appear in the O.I.P. + if you don't select anything the O.I.P. will be empty.

When you exit the annotations you'll be back to the VP itself. Are you saying there are other parameters other than the ones relating to the drawing label that are missing? 

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Yes that's what I'm trying to edit.  When looking at the training video the instructor has the drawing label selected in the annotation window.  The OIP from the VW instructor  is fully populated with parameters.  In my 2021 version most are missing.  For example I am looking to manipulate the Drawing and Sheet parameter to change data showing in the circle on the annotation.  I looked under Edit in Resource Manager, under Plug in Instance Settings and Edit Drawing Label Layout.  It looks all the parameters are there in OIP in the Viewport mode 814684313_Screenshot(40).thumb.png.9d87689096aa0a54c2fdcbfc2f2ea2f1.pngbut it seems as if there is some functionality missing in the OIP annotations mode.  Am I missing something?  BTW thanks for the help!  Very much appreciated! 

Screenshot (42).png

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For 2021 it's a completely new / different tool, so the parameters in 2021 are indeed different than previous versions; you're not 'missing' any. The tool is now Style-based which works inherently different than the old tool. It's much more flexible, though the trade-off is losing a few of the OIP-based parameters.


To start, click the "Style" dropdown and choose "Replace." See if there's an existing style that has the arrangement you're looking for.


If not, you'll have to modify an existing style or create your own. Think of Styles like special Symbols - they live in the Resource Manager and contain geometry, but unlike Symbols each instance can have different text and other parameters.


There are many things Style-based objects can do - this is just a brief intro so let us know if this helps you get what you're trying to achieve. Happy to go into more detail.

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Certainly - in fact there have been frequent questions about the new tool on these forums, so the video will likely help someone else who may come across this.


If I were Vectorworks, whenever there's a new tool or workflow that's substantially different than the previous version, I'd make sure that on day 1 there's a 5-minute official video explaining the new concepts clearly. Not a marketing video, but a technical how-to that would get existing users on board with the new version.


An overview video like that would also be an easy thing to share when questions like this arise. (Perhaps one exists, but I haven't seen it.)

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