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  1. This is a persistent problem. I'm trying to get a plan done and insert some plants or fill landscape areas and the system re renders constantly which takes forever. My machine is up to the job according to the specs given by VW. I have my graphics settings set to low. File size 164.98 meg, document settings-preferences 72dpi. I haven't started manipulating it in 3d. What am I missing?
  2. The attached plan will not publish with the opacities I have set in the plan. Please advise.
  3. That's the answer. Thanks Pat
  4. The resolution in the view port is blurry at best. See pics of settings. What setting am missing? Shows up great when I look at it in design layers but as soon as I go to the viewport it gets blurry.
  5. Cool thanks for the clarification. I will give it a shot. I never know why a function works one day and settings seem to change. I could be an unwitting move on my part but is it possible that with updates settings get modified.
  6. Here is what I'm doing. My expectation would be that the list would populate. I'm sure its just a setting but prior to the "2022 Upgrade" it functioned as expected.
  7. In particular the advanced criteria. I just want Latin name common, name, quantity, price, extended price on my plants the report comes up blank. It never did prior to the 2022 overhaul. Preformatted come up populated but with a bunch of data I don't want or need then I need to export it and delete all the extraneous data. Feedback to the VW development team. Please focus on stuff the community has been shouting out for. Landscape walls is one. I'd happily spend my time and money on learning new and improved design features but having to dedicate time and money to relearning how to make a report is a waste for my business.
  8. Still looking for an explanation of how the new interface works.
  9. I did not do anything about Moasure. There seem to be systems popping up daily. I did buy a Bosh laser tape measure. Gotta say its pretty awesome. Tough when measuring down a straight wall. You'll need to make a target. Mine is my note book jammed into what ever I can find. My understanding, talking to some civil engineering friends, is that I'm way behind the times when it comes to site measurements.
  10. I finally got it to work by going through each layer and cleaning them up. There was a bit of misc. linework ETC. Then I deselected and reselected the sheet in publish and it went through. But its weird it was seeing something that did not exist that was not there. There was only the one sheet layer. Thankfully its out the door.
  11. There must be a setting wrong. The file is so small there are no worksheets or views just one simple plan view viewport. It won't publish.
  12. I could have sworn that in 2021 you could just drag a custom symbol from a file to a folder...For example if a 2d/3d plant symbol used in a file is a winner then I could just drag it into my Plants Favorite Folder. It does not appear as if I can do that anymore. Did something change or is it operator error. I'll provide screen shots but for some reason I have lost the ability to take screen shots via WIN/Print Screen.
  13. My biggest issue was Graphics card driver update and settings and an apparently corrupted file. I'm not sure we solved the actual problem but it was with a site model and once it was recreated from site date and new site modifiers were applied it worked fine. But second thanks Jeremy....and too many others to list.
  14. Yea I customize walls frequently. As @TomW says its pretty difficult to get a landscape wall with batter, curves, caps and foundation options. The wall tool works fine to make a wall with a stone façade but you need to explain to the client that it will have a batter and won't look really like what I'm showing you....its just a representation. And when site modifiers are applied they tend to be very wonky unless they are one piece. Maybe I just need more training. I think its safe to say if you want a wall that looks like a landscape wall in VW you need to model it and all its components. Although @JohnathanReeves makes some good content.
  15. Here's the update. The system is humming along nicely but needed a few adjustments. We went through the graphics card settings...See attached. We went through the file and it is the site model either corrupt or sloppy work on my part. We also identified that VW back up was running off a standard disc drive and was moved to the SSD drive as the standard drive is much slower. The task manager never showed VW stopping/crashing just working really hard when I attempted to work with the site model. I think its safe to say my system is good and VW is running as it should as well. I'd like to restore my preferences that's Tools, Preferences, User Folders, select C/Users/Owner/App Data/Roaming/Nemetschek/20xx/Libraries/choose folder?
  16. Also can I download V2021 instead of 2022?
  17. I'm meeting with my IT guy and we may be doing a full backup and reformat of my machine. I will reload VW. I backed up my preferences during some previous work I did. Are there any specifics I should be looking for when I reload my system? I have a subscription so I can reload from VW.
  18. I followed the advise I got here then learned to Right click on an active layer Select Coincident Objects then choose between the site modifier and the site model. I put my modifier on one layer and model on the other. The site model was set to General/Use Site Modifiers On/Select Layers/Site Modifiers. @hollister design Studio I did not have the issue with I go to 'site model settings' / general tab / 'use site modifies on:' / 'select layers' And then I select my 'V-SITE-MODIFIERS design layer. Nothing.... It seems to work fine. I'm wondering if your having another issue. I did have what is referred to as either a corrupted file or in technical terms user created HOT MESS and on that I was having trouble just getting to select the layers I wanted.
  19. I'm not sure what's a harder pill to swallow adopting Voodoo or joining the Apple Cult😯. I will proceed to assure the machine is running and configured properly. My question is how to access the original site data I want to try to replicate what you did @Jeremy Best. Did you recover my original stake objects? So if I'm correct you simply recreated my original site model and just pasted it overtop of my site modifiers? I'm working on another one and I'd like to look at my original source data.
  20. Complain enough and someone will set it straight...Thank you for your continued attention to this. I just had a long conversation about this with @jeff prince and as I suspected its much to do with settings and configuration. He also brought to my attention that with the myriad of equipment and systems available each system must be looked at individually and set up properly. This comment @Jeremy Best confirms the discussion I just had. Thanks to you guys for the help. I'm fired up to get this thing ripping. I'm up for the education. Again LMK what you need from me. In the meantime I will be having my machine inspected for issues.
  21. That sound like a plan @Jeremy Best. Let me know what you need from me. Feel free to message me.
  22. Yes I've been working with the same issue. I had my crashes in 21 but 22 seems to be worse. My post Site model looks wrong got some attention and I took the advise given and it seems to be better. I was having issues with a site model...I think. But my issues were exactly as you describe. I'm thinking that its a 2022 issue. I sent two files to tech support and have been awaiting a response.
  23. I am having issues with crashes especially on the bigger files I create (not real big). I have come to realize I have/had some video card settings amongst other things incorrect. I have corrected some of them, I think, with the help of @Jeremy Best but I'm not sure I'm there yet. I recall getting a system spec for my machine but don't recall getting info on how to optimize the system for VW. I'm at the point where I am considering a full reinstall. If I do that I want to be sure I have it right. A spec sheet would be helpful, a video of just how to optimize a system would be even better. An app that can tell you what needs doing would be very useful too. I see a ton of posts about crashes.
  24. Oh man @Jeremy Best thanks a ton for the help. I'm 90% sure my system is up to the task as it is spec'd for high end VW although to the lower end. The steps I took so far seem to have sped up the system. I'm thinking I may just do a clean reinstall and clean driver install of my Video card. My issues tend to come when I get into the 3d and more complex (for what I do). My next question is does VW have a definitive guide on how not only to spec a machine but to set it up with all the correct settings? It would be great if VW had an optimizer/analyzer app that could do that work.
  25. Here's food for thought on site measurements. Any opinions? Its an hour watch but if you measure sites it might be worth looking at. Measurement tools and PM for design build
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