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Veiwport Styles - Viewport Upgrades?

Matt Overton

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59 minutes ago, Neil Barman said:

Good news – Viewport Styles were added in Vectorworks 2024! See this video for more info…


They are a good start but I’d encourage you to keep pushing them forward functionally. We can’t yet have a viewport style that the only non style setting needed is which storey it applies to. 

There could also be integration with title locks maybe via sheet layer  names to automatically name drawings in the file

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On 11/25/2023 at 12:02 PM, Neil Barman said:

Interesting ideas, @Matt Overton. If you wouldn't mind, could you submit detailed descriptions of the enhancements you're suggesting via the "Submit your Idea" button on the Public Roadmap? Thank you! 

No worries, I will do it again, but none of these ideas should be news to the team. I should brush up on my VS skills and build an example of the interface.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thanks @Matt Overton. It never hurts to submit additional enhancement requests even when a feature has just gone through a development cycle.


As I have learned since joining the team five years ago, A LOT goes into the planning and building of each feature and sometimes not every aspect of a feature can be included in the first version. Receiving feedback about additional abilities that would be useful is much appreciated.

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