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Custom node lines

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Coming from UE4, even just control points would be a blessing! Right click the wire, 'add control point', then click and drag to reshape the wire.


I'm marionette noob, and this frustrated me to the point where I use PASS nodes to get wires out of the way, which is an exercise in frustration! 


Adding a control point could maybe work like this...


1. Control point is a custom node that appears as a connection circle only.

2. It doesn't appear in the browser.

3. The right click function creates the node, checks the connection of the wires and plugs into the same origin and destination nodes connections.

4. Finally, the original connections are broken.


The user can now move the node to reshape the wires.


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19 hours ago, Antonio Landsberger said:

Hi @RitchieTheBrit,

a Marionette wish for "click-on-wire-to-insert-node" already exists, so combining this with a pass node would essentially do what you describe.

The only catch here is, that the pass node is a ListAbsorb node, so you'd have to fix that. Or we introduce a pass node that has an OIP option to disable list absorb.


That would absolutely accomplish what I described, also, the insert-on-wire feature would be great.

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