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    How to render Braceworks Truss color

    @MA68340 I can understand that you may be expected that your renders would look like the picture from the promo. But do you ever need or want to do renders like that? The way I assume braceworks is mostly used is to generate paperwork, not beautiful renders. Attached is a PDF from a project earlier this summer.
  2. Endre Torkildsen

    Line Array with Bracewroks?

    @rseybert Have been trying to find a fix for this soo many times, thank you for the tip! Worked just perfect!
  3. Endre Torkildsen

    are there d&b bumper files

    @C. Andrew Dunning Thank you for sharing! Have been looking for the d&b frames for a while!
  4. Endre Torkildsen


    Thank you for the intel! ūüôā I also have sent a request/video about the issue, haven't got an answer yet. I am a bit disappointed about a lot bugs for a 2019 update. Having massive issues with resource manager on truss items, this function is way to slow to open...
  5. Endre Torkildsen


    @Jim Wilson Do you have any videos of the Structural Members tool? Have tried abit but it do not seem like this tool works? Maybe I do it the wrong way.. When i try to draw with the tool, there is nothing showing up.. Really looking forward to the new Braceworks tools!
  6. Endre Torkildsen

    Milos and layher symbols

    Hallo VinceK, I had a meeting with sales at Milos Europe today. He told me that this is beeing woorking on and was hoping to see some action soon.
  7. Endre Torkildsen

    Hoist self weight

    Where do I change the self weight of a chain hoist? (Hoist and chain weight) All the hoist`s possible to choose are having the same weight..
  8. Endre Torkildsen

    Mirror / copy tools, braceworks load ID

    I often have a setup that will be quite the same on the other side of the centre point. Therefore I often want to use the mirror or copy tool. I cant say that this always happens but I often have a problem with objects that have been "mirror/copied" do not have a new Load ID. It still keep the same load ID as the symbol that it was "mirrored / copy" from. Is it a fix for this? I have attached a picture that shows an example of what I mean. At this project, it is a 360 degrees screen, and when I have drawn all of the projection of the one side it would been nice to mirror it to the other side. When I do the Mirror function I need to adjust all of the "load ID" on the items I mirrored. Yes, it is not a very big issue, but it takes a bit of time to do that to very time you mirror or copy symbols that need to be a part of the braceworks calculation.
  9. Endre Torkildsen

    Hoist self weight

    Thank you for answers @Rob Books. Have tried what you wrote, but I still feel that this is a bit tricky. I have now adjusted the 1ton, 1/2ton and 1/4 ton to the specs that our hoist have. if I open a new document and first insert a 1ton hoist, all the data is correct. When I try to insert a 1/2ton afterwards, all the specs from the 1ton also shows up on the 1/2. Why is that? Second question: Would it be possible to add my own hoist (Loadguard) the same way that CM/Stagemaker/Tour rig ect?


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