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  1. Aha! Seems a little odd. It would make more sense for me to have a drop down on each criteria giving the option of AND/OR. Anyhoo, your explanation worked for me, I simply used the symbol name for the TYPE as I included there as well. Many thanks!
  2. @Jeremy Best That did it, thanks!
  3. Hey guys, Trying to put together a worksheet that selects symbols based on their layer and record fields. A quick overview is we have three 'types' (beam, pole and door) and two 'finishes' (black and silver). To make life bearable for my colleagues, I want them to be able to open the criteria manager and simply change the layer they are referencing. Unfortunately, when drilling down the criteria, if I choose to select 'black' and 'beam', it inserts a pipe instead of an ampersand, causing it to select all items that match 'black' OR 'beam'. I can fix this manually, but whenever the criteria manager is used to change the layer it reverts to using a pipe. Incorrect selection criteria =DATABASE(((L='MASTER') & (R IN ['Stock']) & (('Stock'.'Finish'='black') | ('Stock'.'Type'='beam')))) Correct selection creiteria (manually edited) =DATABASE(((L='MASTER') & (R IN ['Stock']) & (('Stock'.'Finish'='black') & ('Stock'.'Type'='beam'))))
  4. I've spent most of the day trying to figure out how to get this effect on Renderworks Textures with glow enabled. We're trying to create lightboxes on an exhibition stand, but the boss isn't happy with them simply being a set illumination, and I can't find a way of creating this glowing halo around the lightsource. Does anyone have a copy of this file they could upload, or a way of duplicating this effect? Spotlight & Renderworks 2017. Thanks in advance!
  5. Made a new blank file, imported our existing sheet border and title data, and it results in the Edges phase being present. Would there be any chance you could take a look at the template file and see if you can see the cause Jim?
  6. Okay, this is interesting... I have a symbol with an area light, which I though was causing problems. After a bit of mucking around, I found that the issue seems to lie within our document template?! File 1 New blank document Pasted an object into design layer Created viewport with standard settings Changed to Final Quality RW Rendered without Edges File 2 New from our companies document template (same template since 2014) Pasted an object into design layer Created viewport with standard settings Changed to Final Quality RW Rendered WITH Edges Would you know what could cause this Jim? I can send you the document template if required.
  7. Having an issue with an additional 20 minutes or so of render time due to the Edges process. After reading this thread, I wonder if maybe one of my area lights could be responsible? Simple rectangle converted to an area light then used in a symbol around 37 times (really doesn't take that long to render, maybe ten minutes until it hits the edges phase). The area lights have their stroke turned off, so I would have though that would have deactivated the edges phase?
  8. JimW, has there been any progress to report on this? It's causing some serious issues for us due to a clients naming schema.
  9. Had to resort to using the bottom of the sheet as opposed to the side, so less of an issue now, but it was certainly infuriating!
  10. Yup, the text field was wrapped text prior to attaching the record to it, set to the required width of the sheet border. Once the the record is attached, the wrapped text checkbox becomes greyed out and the text field width shrinks to virtually nothing. This cannot be adjusted once the record is attached. The input area was appended with # to allow multiline input, this is the only way I can get it to work, but unfortunately, if you refer to fig.3, the result is a messed up sheet title in Organization panel.
  11. Hey guys! We recently upgraded from VW2008 to 2014 with Renderworks and Spotlight. We were really excited to try out the Automatic Drawing Coordination features, specifically the title block along with batch export. After spending today pulling my hair out over a common problem with the sheet title, namely, not being able to spread over multiple lines without a knock-on effect. I've illustrated the issue below... In FIG.1 the sheet name is taken directly from the Organization panel. The sheet name appears on a single line, flowing off our border. In FIG.2 the sheet name is changed in the border using the multi-line editing GUI. FIG.3 This gives us a satisfactory result in title block, but unfortunately has the knock-on effect of cutting off the sheet title in the Organization panel, which would in turn lead to an incorrect filename once the sheets are published. This is ridiculously frustrating for us, and represents an immediate stumbling block after an expensive upgrade. Is there a way around this that I haven't been able to find in the forum? Many thanks!


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