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How about a closet Tool?

Andrew Pollock


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7 hours ago, Andrew Pollock said:

In a large home, there will be many closets all of slightly different sizes. Very few exact repeats. Symbols wouldn't be efficient. I wish there was an un-styled closets symbol that worked like an un-styled window type.


That's where plug-in style bridge the gap well.


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@Aspect_Design I showed IC to a client a few years ago & for some reason, (god only knows why)  they bought the software that their CAM dealer suggests (Bessiework maybe?) Anywho, I was very impressed with IC,  both how it works with VW & what it adds.  It would be a real improvement if VW came with IC as a module like RW or Landscape.


@Andrew Pollock I get that every closet is different; I worked on a home a few years back that had his & hers walk-ins that rival the main floor of my house in area. I also get that a PIO would likely make things easier, but if @Aspect_Design 's suggestion of using IC is overkill, you may want to consider a symbol or three. For example, a closet with interior dims of 600x1850 (2'x6') with generic walls and a generic door that includes several PIO's such as the Closet Rod, Utility Cabinet, Wall & Base Cabinet. In each room one could place the closet with all the classes turned on then as the symbol requires amending turn the symbol on the page to a Group to edit. Not as elegant as IC but, may take some of the drudgery out of the process. 

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