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HELP! Heliodon shadows under surface

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Hi there, I need to submit a shadow study at the earliest, but for the first time since I have been using heliodons, the shadows are below the surface, therefore are not visible on 2D. 

I must have a setting mixed up but no matter how many tutorials/forums/guides I check I cannot find a solution to this. Thanks! 





Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 15.37.27.png

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 15.38.02.png

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Check your OpenGL Options. Is the boxes labeled Use Shadows and On Ground Only checked? If so Uncheck the On Ground Only option.

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@Pat Stanford and @Dave Donley thank you very much for your suggestion. Unfortunately checking the 'On ground only' box is the only way to get any shadows at all. 


Haven't used Heliodons for a while, must have forget some basic settings/rules but despite checking tutorials, guide etc I couldn't work out what I am doing wrong.

Cannot get shadows of the topiaries and symbols I created neither, which is something I have done in the past without problem. 


In short, project has been presented, client is very happy but he would like to see where shadows go before go ahead.

Have rendered the project in Twinmotion so the Vectorworks file is very basic, a top view animation would be more than enough. 


Have attached the file just in case you or anyone else have the time and will to check. Thanks 








Hampshire garden for VWS forum_2020.04.21.vwx

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Posted (edited)

I think it is mandatory that your ground planes are 3D.


As soon as I extrude one of the ground planes and deactivate on ground shadow,

it shows the shadows as expected in OpenGL or RW modes.



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Brilliant! Thank you very much @zoomer for having a look at this.

I usually work with site models. This was an exception as site is almost flat so lots of 2D polys instead of 3D. I thought I was having senior moment already! 

Thanks for the rescue! 

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