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VW2020 progress bar - not showing



Hello everyone,


Any idea/suggestion on how (if) we could turn on the green progress bar for commands and operations (lower right corner)?
We're experiencing inconsistent behaviour (VW2020 Architect latest version, localised and international): progress bar is always showing for backup autosave, but not for other complex operations (updating walls, spaces etc.). It seems to us this behaviour could be hardware or install related: progress bar is showing in a VW Mac Book Pro (Late 2010, vram lower than recommended specs) but neither on iMac (Late 2012, vram lower than recommended specs) nor on MacBookPro (2019, vram higher than recommended specs).

Not sure if there is any setting/preference we could change. Since at the office we do work with detailed and sometimes complex files not having a progress bar is very frustrating: most of the times we're struggling understanding if VW is freezing or not, with no way to understand if a "force quit" (rather than waiting for an unpredictable time) is the right thing to do.

Any suggestion is more than welcome.

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I have a vague sense that I've experienced the progress bar not showing when I thought it normally would. So others can verify this, can you please post one process that does show the progress bar on your 2010 MacBook Pro, which doesn't on other hardware? 


It will also be pivotal to stipulate what version and Service Pack of Vectorworks is being run on the 2010 MacBook Pro to ensure we're comparing apples for apples. 

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All machines running VW2020 Architect (localized Italian) till SP1 (Service select subscribers)... till we discontinued our MacBookPro Late 2010 (replaced by the new one a month ago) and therefore we are unable to reproduce it now. For a month I’ve been working/testing on both laptop, before finally switching, and than is when I realized something strange was going on everywhere but on the oldest and weakest one: on the new MacBookPro I had the feeling VW was going worse than before, often freezing with certain operations, while it was simply not showing the progress bar. So I tested at the office on our 2 iMac (Late 2012) and there also progress bar was missing. There is still one more configuration I’ve not tested yet (MacMini Late 2012 running VW2020 US international)


Progress bar is not showing, for example, with walls (e.g updating wall styles, “fitting walls to objects”, creating recesses) and space planning (again updating styles)... both heavy operations on complex projects. Not sure with PIO and if progress bar is supposed to appear when updating doors/windows styles (VW US window/door... which we prefer to use even in our localized version instead of the Computerworks/German “Fenster”).

I would  say, but I might be wrong: most of operations with lot of CPU load (up to 10-20 seconds and more...).

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@Jeremy Best we spent some time at the office testing with the following result. I have the feeling it might be related to the macOS version (= progess bar not showing on versions later than macOS 13), but I would love to know if this only occurs to us. Otherwise it might be related either to our localised version (I just shared this with our distributor as well) or to some other condition I am not aware of.

  • MacBook Pro Mid-2010 - macOS 10.13 - VW2019 & VW2020 > PROGRESS BAR SHOWING
  • iMac Late 2012 - macOS 10.14 & macOS 10.15 > VW2019 & VW2020 > NOT SHOWING
  • macMini Late 2012 - macOS 10.15 >>VW2019 & VW2020 > NOT SHOWING
  • MacBook Pro 16’’ 2019 - macOS 10.14 VW2019 & VW2020 > NOT SHOWING


Edit: our distributor just replied (@Pier Luigi thanks for it), they are aware of this issue


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I'm having the same problem.  No progress bar.  I believe (but am not certain) that the progress bar disappeared after upgrading from 2019 to 2020.

  • VW Architect 2020 | SP3 (USA)
  • Mac OS 10.15.3
  • iMac 27", 2019 | 3.7 GHz 6-core i5 | 40GB RAM | Radeon Pro 580X 8GB


EDIT: I reported this as a bug, but was told that progress bars not showing in Sheet Layers is "Working as Designed". Please upvote on the Wishlist: 


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