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Creating Custom Parametric Object


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Hi all,

I open this topic because i cannot find how to make custom parametric object for vectorworks such as custom door(with custom profile), custom furnitures etc. Can anyone enlight me for this? If there is need to do with marionette or vectorscript. Where can i find the tutorial? I am newborn baby in Vectorworks, planning to migrate here. Sir  @Pat Stanford  i tag you here 😉. Thank you

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There are three basic ways to make custom objects in VW.  You can use Marionette. You can use VectorScript/PythonScript and create a Plug-In Object. You can use the Software Development Kit (SDK) and program in C (or C like) language to create lower level objects. Each has its benefits depending one what you are really trying to do.


Marionette would be my first choice for creating objects as it automatically handles all of the interfacing with the Object Info Palette (OIP). You can create custom nodes using Python if the basics don't work for what you need. But the graphical network can get very complex very quickly depending on what you need to do.


VectorScipt/PythonScript can be a good way to go, but you need to do a lot of coding for handling of displaying the parameters in the OIP and getting changes from the OIP and applying them properly in your code.


SDK will make a smoother faster running object, but required a much lower level understanding of coding.


Take a look at Marionette first.  Any input node (and probably others) that you assign a name will automatically display in the OIP and be editable there.

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Yes,  100% agree with you. I just finished watching all 5 parts marionette tutorials and already get the picture how the custom parametric bim objects will be created in vectorworks marionette. Such a bright future ahead🤩. Thanks a lot Pat! 

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I have been trying to use the reshape node in marionette to make an object that I can change the size of in the object info palette. . I have been  following the great tutorials by DomC but can't get it to work.


I have made the object I wish to change the size of as a group with the dimensions labelled with a prefix to link to the marionette node in a different group. Then grouped this all as a symbol and made it into an object node. I think I am failing to link the object to the marionette script somehow. I have made a very simple file to learn but can't understand what's not working. I am just beginning with Marionette so excuse me if its obvious. Would anyone be able to help me or point me in the direction of some more tutorials?


Many thanks


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You are using a symbol as your Control Geometry. Symbols can't be Extruded. You either have to add enough logic (nodes) to the Marionette to get to the basic 2D objects, or change your control geometry to only be 2D objects. Not even a group can be extruded.


Also, I don't think @DomC's node does what you think it does.  Please tell us exactly what you are trying to do. Your description above is not enough.

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Pat, thanks for getting back to me.


I have a series of 'exhibition cases' in 3d ( they are essentially a box with another ' glass' box on top of them) that I would like to be able to make wider and shorter through the OIP. I was looking at Dom's examples of making columns and windows wider, higher and thought I could use his node to do this. His post is  below.


Is that sufficient information?


Many thanks



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@Andrew Lock

You have a lot of differences in your Organisation (Input Blue Symbol oder Input Control Geometry) of the geometry input. The Following rules you have to follow:


1. The Input of the Reshape node has to be a group. or a Symbol the content is reshaped

2. Only Content which are solids, (Extrude, Volume Add etc.) will be reshaped.  Your content are groups. And in the groups there are 3D polys. This will not work at all. The Reshape node will ignore groups in groups from reshape, and will not reshape meshes or 3D Polys or planar objects

3. The Insertion point of the control geometry is back left.


Fix the following Variante A:

1. Ungroup the group in your 3D Symbol. 

2. Ungroup every group once and Volume operation Add Volume of the 3D Polys to get a solid. Remember, groups will not be reshaped.


Fix Variante B:

1. Make blue symbol

2. ungroup the group in group in your symbol and change to solids


Fix Variante B:

Just paste the Control content (no 3D polys please) from your symbol to the control geometry directly. Group this objects. You will not need a symbol then


Attached a movie with Variante A with your original Example

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