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  1. Already, and yet it doesnt seem seamless. One more thing, how can we join beam as per snapshot? Ftom horizontal to diagonal then to another horizontal beam? With Many Tanks
  2. Dear All, I want to know how you guys join these BIM object seamlessly? since all of these are concrete. Many thanks for letting me to @Pat Stanford tag you again. Many Thanks
  3. Yes, 100% agree with you. I just finished watching all 5 parts marionette tutorials and already get the picture how the custom parametric bim objects will be created in vectorworks marionette. Such a bright future ahead🤩. Thanks a lot Pat!
  4. Hi all, I open this topic because i cannot find how to make custom parametric object for vectorworks such as custom door(with custom profile), custom furnitures etc. Can anyone enlight me for this? If there is need to do with marionette or vectorscript. Where can i find the tutorial? I am newborn baby in Vectorworks, planning to migrate here. Sir @Pat Stanford i tag you here 😉. Thank you
  5. @LarryO Thank you for the respond. Any tutorial to make custom parametric object? I want to know how vectorworks user handle custom profile doors and windows. Right now i am digging information about this while using vectorworks trial license ☺️.
  6. Hello, I am in state of researching what software for me to “land in”. I come from rhino+grasshopper-revit workflow, and finding vectorworks as such promising compact yet complete workflow from design concept to BIM stage. Right now i hardly find vectorworks create custom object such windows and doors as we do in revit family creation. My question is can we create this parametric object in vectorworks? Do i need to have coding skill to make this? Many Thanks Ardillas
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